Suess Juice

A haiku for my love, Ben:

Saturday: sore throat

By Monday a scratchy voice

Tuesday: buh-bye voice

Can you imagine a voiceless Mr. Ben in his over-filled special education classroom? <– chaos! 

We knew we had to get him back in tip-top shape ASAP, which meant a) lots of local honey + lemons from the yard and b) lots of greens!  We’re talking as many as the boy can possibly ingest.  The best way to get in the most micronutrients [vitamins + minerals]?  Juice. 


We absolutely adore our Champion juicer, but we don’t use it very often because we’re good at eating a heap of veggies each week [literally].  Every once in a while, though, if we’re feeling under the weather, or if we have an abundance of fruit or veg, or if we get a random hankering, we’ll bring out the juicer.  Even if we don’t use it every day, I still believe it was one of the best investments we’ve made. 

For Ben, we got as many greens as we could find and got to work. 


Suess Juice

tell me that color isn’t straight from a Dr. Suess book…


  • 5-6 stalks kale [high chlorophyll content / calcium / vits A, C + E]
  • 2 c spinach [highly alkaline / carotenes / folate / manganese/ iron / iodine / amino acids (protein!)]
  • 5 stalks celery [vits B(1,2+6) and C / potassium / folic acid / magnesium / iron / phosphorus]
  • 1/2 large or 1 small cucumber [silica / electrolytes / vit C / highly alkaline]
  • 2 apples [anti-oxidant / anti-inflammatory / phytonutrients]
  • 1’’ ginger [warming / full of anti-oxidants / phosphorus / choline]


All together, it made about 20 oz. of delicious, nutrient-packed juice to be packed alongside Ben’s lunch. 


He’s been drinking the stuff for a few days now, and I’m happy to report that his voice is making a come-back!  Smile

What’s your staple food for when you start feeling under the weather?

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5 thoughts on “Suess Juice

  1. heathergfc says:

    Your Seuss Juice sounds awesome! The only thing I’d add is lemon. Adds a great zing and always helps me when I’m feeling that dreaded cold. We just got a juicer a few weeks ago, and I don’t even put it away…we use it almost every day!

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Oooh, lemon would be a good addition… thanks! It’s always such a hit or miss for me to toss lemon in, lol… sometimes it’s delicious and other times it ruins the whole flavor =/.

      We’ve definitely been using the juicer tons in the past week!

  2. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop says:

    I have been eating local honey like its my job. LoL. I also heard drinking water with apple cider vinegar helps. I tried it. Not so bad when its really hot but really nasty when it gets cold. And I just love the jar filled with green goup! Looks yummy! What do you do with the pulp from your juicer? I love my juicer too but I feel bad that all that goodness is leftover (so I’m more a fan of smoothies with my immersion blender). I might have to try this one though!

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