Fall Break!

Good morning friends!

This weekend we took it really easy for a few reasons:

1. All of our other weekends this month are already double-booked,

2. Ben didn’t want to do much with his healing throat,

3. I had to write a paper and was coming off of a two-day juice + soup detox [read: I was a bit out of it], and

4. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught whatever throat virus Ben had. Sad smile

Plus, Ben’s on Fall Break this week, which means we’ll get to sneak in some fun activities during the week!

A few things we did do this weekend:


I spent all day Saturday writing a paper [oh the joys of grad school].  I did get to the farmer’s market in the morning, though – which is always a highlight – and was able to go visit a good friend during my mid-day break.  Other than that, I worked on that paper from morning til almost midnight. 

I also started my practicum last week, which means I am working with individuals with severe mental illness twice a week.  I’m getting better at researching using the DSM IV [joy!]. 


Ben and I practiced yoga together on Sunday morning, followed by a delicious breakfast.  Veggie scramble – heavy on the veggies. Smile

We planned on going to my Momma’s for lunch and then heading over to the county fair [which only comes to town once a year], but after a wonderful lunch we decided we would rather not pay to park and then get herded through the bustling crowds in the heat.  Instead, Mom and Ben watched the Raven’s game while I napped [win-win!]. 

After Mom’s, we went for a quick walk because the highlight of our weekend was an almost-four-hour long movie being shown at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center:


Growing up in Hawai`i, the Beatles weren’t a big part of my musical repertoire.  Once I got to college in Oregon, though, I realized just how much they mean to not only my generational peers, but their parents… and even some of their parents’ parents.   In any case, Ben was raised on the Beatles and has a special love for George, so we knew we had to go.  It was the longest film I’ve ever sat through, but we were not disappointed!  I am in awe of individuals who take their passions and creativity and make it happen for themselves. It inspires me to live to my fullest potential. 

While Ben’s still cozy in bed [he deserves it], I’m off to teach my kickboxing class! 

I’ll be back later to explain more about the quick juice + soup detox. Smile  In the meantime, have a beautiful day! 

What inspires you to live to your fullest potential?

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