I love cooking.  If I had the time, I would cook every meal from scratch, going to the market for specific ingredients and eating things hot off the stove [this has become especially true since we got rid of the microwave!].  But life doesn’t quite work that way.  And my farmer’s market is only open on Saturday mornings.

To make things easier on myself during the week, I like to take some extra time during the weekend to wash and prep a few of our favorite fruits and veg.  It makes it ten times easier to make a healthy meal when everything is set up nicely for me. 


When we’re especially in a rush but don’t have much time to cook, Ben and I will make protein smoothies with frozen fruit, spirulina/dark leafy greens, maca root, and chia seeds.  I usually just mix my protein powder with water [I’ve really been loving this all-natural ProEnergy supplement!], but Ben’s smoothies usually contain some frozen banana or berries and maybe a bit of nut butter to up the calorie content. 

To freeze bananas for smoothies [or muffins or whatever], first peel and slice the bananas and place them in the freezer on a cookie sheet.  Once they’re frozen through, place them in a ziploc or tupperwear in the freezer.  Freezing them in small pieces ensures that they won’t stick together, so you can pull one piece out at a time rather than having to work with a huge hunk of banana-mush. 


Another thing you’ll always find in our fridge is some type of dark leafy green [usually kale, chard, and/or spinach].  Kale preparation isn’t difficult, but it does feel time-consuming after a long day’s work.

To prep kale for the week, de-stem the leaves and tear them into small pieces, then rinse and spin-dry. 


Place the clean, dry kale pieces in a ziploc or air-tight container with a paper towel at the bottom, and you’ll have kale ready for the week! 


Do you have any time-saving prep tips?  I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient! 

Aloha Pumehana.
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3 thoughts on “Prepping

  1. AmandaonMaui says:

    One of the best things for us, especially after I started eating gluten free, was to cook dinners in bulk. I freeze the leftovers in individual portions (I used to use plastic, but now use glasslock containers) and then I reheat them in the microwave for lunch. There’s less stress about what to have for lunch (unless the freezer is empty) and I’m doing pretty much the same amount of work as just cooking dinner takes.

    We’re smoothie, oatmeal/teff/millet people. Occasionally I’ll do the old E & B on the weekends, but very rarely. Happy (organic, humanely raised, etc.) bacon is expensive. Sometimes pancakes happen (more than the E & B).

    For smoothies we are fruit, non-dairy milk, flax/chia and Plant Fusion protein powder people (chocolate, vanilla, or unsweetened…they use stevia).

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