Childlike Inspiration

The kids in my life always offer me great inspiration.  Their creativity is limitless.  They haven’t placed boundaries on themselves or their lives yet.  And everything they produce is absolutely perfect and amazing. 

You may remember me talking about my favorite little girl from next door, who is now almost 2 years old:

IMG_6840Lately Addi’s been sprinting over to our deck in the early morning, pushing her little nose against the screen door and calling out for us: “Auntie?  Uncle?!” 

She often helps us water the plants while telling us very important stories in baby babble [a da e mama!  an ana i loo!].  My favorite Addi moments, though, are when she makes a beeline through our door to where we keep the crayons.  As she pulls out the heavy box, I grab a piece of paper and we lay on the cold tan tiles coloring the world of a two-year-old. 


We love having Addi right next door!  She is such a beautiful little bundle of sheer love and adventure.  But she wasn’t the first VIB [very important baby] in Auntie Haley + Uncle Ben’s life. 


A few years back, the light of my life – Jaylen – changed my entire world with her love [she’s the daughter of one of the my close cousins, Cory].  A little over a year ago, when Cory and his wife Jina told us they were moving to the island of `O`ahu, I was devastated.  We went from seeing Cory, Jina, and baby Jaylen at least once a week to seeing them maybe four or five times a year. 

Lucky for us, their little family came for a visit this weekend and we got to spend Sunday morning catching up with Cory and Jina and listening to our very outspoken three-year-old niece tell us all about her friends at school, the fantastical  monsters living in the trees, and the big white pony she rode at the fair the night before. 

Jaylen and I fed the horses in the pasture [too many] ripe star fruits, raced down the driveway, picked branches of plumeria from the yard, and tried to catch butterflies with a 3-inch kitchen strainer.  When she spotted a pen on the table, she asked for paper.  The markers soon followed, and then Jaylen got busy:


[she insisted we tape them all to the back of our front door]

After drawing Perry the Platypus from her favorite cartoon, Jaylen kept saying she wanted to make cupcakes, so we decided to pull a chair up to the counter and let her get her cooking fix: Smile


Jaylen’s “pie” consisted of: ice cubes, 5 almonds [which she talked us adults into trying before the photo], coconut, herbs de provence, chili powder, cumin seeds, nutritional yeast, cinnamon and a pinch of Hawaiian salt.    She chose all the ingredients and stirred it all together herself.  She was extra patient while we placed it in the oven for a whole minute with the timer set. 

With the new, busy schedule, I’ve been in a bit of slump in the kitchen lately.  But I have to be honest and say that I’m really excited to get in there today and just get creative.  No rules, no expectations, no limits. 

Last night, three of my closest friends got back on a plane to `O`ahu.  And while I always miss Cory, Jina, and Jaylen more than I can say in words, I can’t help but be filled with childlike inspiration and hope. 

What’s inspiring you today? 

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