Good morning friends!  Is it Friday yet? 

I talk about food a lot on GPD, but I realize that I don’t often show you what I eat regularly.  While I don’t plan on doing a food diary every single day, I would like to do a WHAM [What Haley Ate Monday] post every now and again so that you can all see that I’m not always eating incredible homemade bean burgers.  In fact, I think my day-to-day eats are honestly kind of boring…


Breakfast yesterday was typical: a serving of oat bran [ground up steel cut oats], chia seeds, almond milk, maca, cocoa and protein powder.  I split it into two servings – one to be eaten right then [pre-teaching] and one to be eaten after I teach.  A full tummy isn’t the greatest idea when you’re teaching a kickboxing class. 


I also snacked on one of these grain-free pumpkin pie muffins for a mid-morning snack as I did some studying.


I wasn’t paying attention to time, so I wound up with a growling stomach around 2pm and had a late lunch that consisted of sauteed veggies [broccoli, kale, onion, eggplant, bell pepper] topped with some leftover cilantro-lime shrimp that needed to be eaten. 

I snacked on a few almonds before dinner, which was totally out of the ordinary for us…


The photo does no justice to my papio [fish] covered with caramelized Maui onion from Mama’s Fish House.  We celebrated our two year anniversary with Ben’s good family friends – Wayne and Cathy [who were celebrating 30 years!!] – at Mama’s last night. 

Speaking of food, I’ve got a pot of pumpkin-spiced quinoa on the stove [I just used quinoa instead of oats] calling my name!  I’ll need the energy during my 9 long hours of practicum today.  Enjoy your Tuesday! 

Anything stick out from what you ate yesterday? 

Aloha Pumehana.
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