Happy Monday friends!  I hope your weekend was rejuvenating and that you’re ready to take on a new week with rigor and excitement… I know I am! 

Ben and I were shocked to hear about all the crazy weather happening across the continent this past week.  We thought we’d remind you that it’s still in the mid-eighties and SUNNY here on Maui.  Winking smile 


For some reason I didn’t take make photos at all this weekend.  I think I was focusing a little too much on being present. 

In any case, Saturday morning was – as always – reserved for the Upcountry Farmer’s Market.  Smile  We got a decent haul including local coconut kefir yogurt, apple bananas, another bucket of kula onions, bunches of kale, broccoli and peppers.  To be honest, though, I was most excited to see the my first persimmon sighting of the season!


I can’t wait for these to come into full swing during the winter months – persimmon is one of my favorite fruits of all time! 

After the market, Ben + I met up with family to watch the Oregon vs. Washington State game.  I worked diligently typed between plays for my paper due Tuesday.  Priorities. Winking smile 

Mom and I skipped out on the second half of the game to head up to Kula Country Farms and pick up pumpkins just like last year


We picked out a few good ones to carve at our friends’ pumpkin carving party that night.  I decided to get a smallish pumpkin to paint instead, because it seemed like more fun to me. 


I spent the rest of the afternoon hovering around more than a dozen gourds with good friends and great conversation.  Three of my four family members won pumpkin prizes that night [everyone but me, haha]! 


Sunday seemed to be the polar opposite from Saturday.  Ben and I slept in and took it easy all day.  I worked on my papers [yes, seriously], set up a new TurboKick playlist for this week, and baked while Ben finished his book, watched football with a cold beer, and did some lesson planning.  In fact, the only time we left our house was to go the park and play for a bit [frisbee and a good hilly walk does the body + brain good!]. 

It all balances out. Smile

I’m off to get drenched in sweat with my TurboKick students!  Enjoy your Monday! 

How was your weekend?  Was the weather crazy where you’re at?

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4 thoughts on “Halloweekend

  1. Katie says:

    My weekend was work filled (oh grad school) but the craziest thing was the snow we got here in new york! Snow in October is soooo bizarre.

    • Haley Rabago says:

      I thought of you in New York as I heard the news about the snow. What the heck?!? I sure hope it’s not a sign of a colder-than-normal winter up there for you all. Keep warm!!

  2. Silva Gang says:

    Great photo Haley! I totally laughed, because I didn’t realize you were the only one who didn’t win an award… oh my gosh, ha ha! And your pumpkin was so great! Next year, I hear the judges will be accepting bribes. We heard from your mom that you’re a pretty great cook, so food bribes will probably be considered. 😉

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