Front Yard Shenanigans

Happy Friday!  Open-mouthed smile After an especially intense week at practicum [I work with adults with severe mental illness], I think I’m a little too excited to have the weekend at my fingertips. 

We’ve been transitioning to fall weather here on Maui [read: more rain], plus Halloween always brings up some weird stuff, so I’m hoping next week will bring more balance to the individuals I work with. 

To add to the practicum craziness this week, we’ve had some strange things happening in our yard:


The house we’ve been renting for 3+ years went on the market quite a few months ago to be sold.  They’ve got a buyer but apparently there are some things that need to happen before the sale can go through – including changing some things about our septic system. 

So for the past week or so we’ve had a dude in a back-hoe digging a six-foot-deep swimming pool hole in the front yard.  I’m not sure what the rest of this process is going to entail, but we’ve been quite the talk of the neighborhood lately.  IMG_7598

In other front yard news, we’ve got many o’ papaya healthily growing


as well as wayyy too many starfruit to possibly split between the two families on our property. 


[I actually feel horrible that dozens have already fallen and rotted on the ground Sad smile]

And because we’re talking tropical fruit, I wanted to entice you all with the most deliciously creamy and beautiful avocado I’ve eaten all year [did you know that Hawai`i grows over 200 varieties of avocadoes?] :


[that’s an entrée fork for size reference Winking smile]

Okay, so the avo wasn’t from my yard – I picked it up from the farmer’s market this past weekend – but I wish it was! 

We’ve got another fabulous Friday on our hands, which means I’ve got a great butt-kickin’ class to teach, a meeting, errands, and a few chapters to read before the weekend is upon us once more!  Have a beautiful weekend! 

Anything strange happening in your life lately?

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2 thoughts on “Front Yard Shenanigans

  1. AmandaonMaui says:

    Starfruit? I’m interested. 🙂

    I didn’t know there were that many avocado varieties. I’ve seen probably 6-10. All I know is that there are good ones, and bad ones. I’ve yet to have a house with one of the good trees. My last house had one with fibrous avocados. They were gross. The avo you’ve got there looks good.

    I’m just starting to learn that there are multiple varieties of coconut on the island. My brother-in-law climbs for them part time, and he brings bunches home with him. Today I got to mix two varieties of coconut water, and got two types of meat.

    I hope the back hoe isn’t too annoying. I think I’d probably be going out of my mind and have to escape the house. I don’t deal well with the lawn mowers, especially when I need to study or focus on writing a paper.

  2. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop says:

    I am so jealous of all the delicious foods you have growing right in your “back yard” (aka neighborhood). So jealous! You’ll have to wait til June and July when its tomato and blueberry season for me to return the favor at all (I live 2 towns over from Hammonton, NJ The “Blueberry Capitol of the World” – the town supplies 30% of the world’s blueberries). And hello, Jersey tomatoes???

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