Whirlwind Recap

I’m usually pretty good about taking photos of the food I make, the people I encounter, and the adventures I embark on.  But I haven’t taken nearly as many pictures as usual over the past few months.  Fatigue, nausea, and the unexpected reclusiveness of my first trimester made it difficult for me to do anything, let alone photograph any of it. 

Since I also haven’t been too active on the blog, I figured I’d do a quick recap of the past month or so [or the little I’ve documented of it, anyway], whirlwind style.

Of course, I couldn’t start without a random food shot.  Strangest craving combo yet: veggie burger smothered in hummus, mustard and ketchup atop some greens, avocado, tomatoes and… you guessed it: pickles. 


Many o’ sunset from the deck with Ben [usually after our afternoon walk around the neighborhood].  I was always especially grateful for these lazy evenings when I was feeling nauseous…IMG_7669

A night out with the ‘ohana to see Warren + Annabelle’s Magic Show in Lahaina [the show and dinner was good but it was uncomfortably cold in the theatre.  Note the scarf.  In Hawai’i.]:


The beach, of course.  I’ve been loving Baby Beach because I can walk the beach, then water-jog the little canal between the reef and the shore against the current.  It’s a wicked low-impact, high-intensity workout, perfect for me and the little one.


I even came across this Hawaiian monk seal the other week while in Lahaina [sadly, there are less than 1,300 left on the planet!]:


I’ve read for pleasure!  So far I’ve finished Rebecca Walker’s Baby Love [which I highly recommend for anyone who is pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant] and Thrity Umrigar’s The Space Between UsUp next: The Hunger Games.  I’ve been told I’ll want to shut the world out and just read once I start the series, so I’ve been trying to be productive before starting [I’ve got a lot of catching up to do for the Personal Training Certification I’ve got to take soon!]. 


Had a wonderful spa day at the Spa Grande with my Momma and sis-in-law [gorgeous spa, but sadly there isn’t much for pregnant women…]:


Celebrated baby Capo’s baby shower [he’s being born to one of my closest friends and I couldn’t be more excited!].  My mom took photos of all their shower games – she’s the queen of throwing showers! 


Adventured around the island with my sis and bro-in-law!  [Self-timer + jagged ledges = ackward Ben poses]:


Celebrated two of my closest Uncles’ birthdays! Marco [left] turned 50 and Jyoti [right] turned 60 this year!  God I hope I look that amazing when I get to be their ages…


Now that I’m entering the second trimester, I’m hoping to take more photos of every day life again.  Hopefully the blog will have more activity and I’ll have more to say, too Winking smile

Ben and I are heading to our second midwife appointment now – which will end with a massage for me [swoon] – then who knows? I love vacation! 

Aloha Pumehana.
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