With my new-found second trimester motivation – as well as my goals for the new year – I’m excited to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. 

I was so excited, apparently, that I decided to take photos of all my food for a WHAM [What Haley Ate Monday] post yesterday.  Nevermind the fact that I told Ben about my plans first thing in the morning [and he neglected to let me know that it was actually Sunday] and nevermind the fact that I didn’t actually figure out what day of the week it was until after I had finished dinner [where is my head?!].  I took an entire day’s worth of food photos, so here you have it:

WHAS.  What Haley Ate Sunday: The Pregnancy Edition.  Winking smile

While my nutrition is very different than it was pre-pregnancy, it’s much more “normal” than it was in the first trimester, when most of my meals consisted of matzo crackers and ume plums.  Yesterday I was feeling the effects of eating too much food on New Year’s Eve, so I wanted most of my meals to be detoxifying and cleansing. 

Since Ben and I were having an easy morning around the house, we started the day with buckwheat pancakes with bananas and organic chicken sausage.  I topped mine with some coconut butter and actually only ate one of those pancakes for breakfast… along with my handful of vitamins…


[10 chorella tablets + 1/2 a prenatal (I take the other half before bed) + omegas]

I ate that second pancake a couple hours later for my mid-morning snack along with a few of these:


For lunch, I had some leftover Protein Power Salad that I made the other day.  I used Angela’s Lightened Up Protein Power Bowl as a guide, swapped out the spelt berries for a smaller amount of quinoa, added about 5x the amount of kale, and added chopped almonds to the mix.  Seriously delicious and wonderfully detoxifying! 


Afternoon snack was some yacon with hummus:


Dinner was by far the most random meal of the day: sautéed onion, cabbage, and spinach topped with nutritional yeast with half a veggie burger, mustard + relish… topped with a fried egg.  What can I say?  The relish + mustard are definitely pregnancy-related cravings, the veggies and yeast are necessities, and the egg was for extra protein. 


Most of the time, the only drink I have throughout the day is water, but yesterday I was definitely wanting warm drinks.  Aside from a couple liters of water, I had about two of those quarts of hot water with lemon and capped off the night with a cup of peppermint tea with a dash of almond milk. 


I also ate a couple of Akmak crackers with hummus right before bed because I felt hungry again. 

And that was my day in food yesterday.  Random meals throughout the day – which is pretty normal for me right now. I haven’t been tracking my calories since being pregnant because (1) the food’s been so random and (2) my eating has honestly been more intuitive than ever before.  I will probably start tracking cals again once I go back to teaching TurboKick three times a week, to make sure I’m getting enough in, though. 

Alright, I’m off to watch my Oregon Ducks beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl!  Have a great day! 

Moms or non-Moms: What’s the strangest meal you’ve put together?

Aloha Pumehana.
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One thought on “WHAS ?

  1. Danielle says:

    I am getting hungry reading your post! I love ketchup on most things too, so I think I would have liked the random combinations 🙂
    Hau’oli makahiki hou!

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