maternal [spl]urges

A couple of weeks ago I said I put a ban on buying anything for baby until the third trimester at least. We’re planning on getting most of our baby stuff second-hand and honestly aren’t big spenders to begin with, but I had to put a ban on myself because the worldwideweb is seriously making it difficult for even me to resist the cuteness of baby clothes. 


Nonetheless, the other day I got a text message from Ben that said, "Oh Happy Wednesday to you!  Amazon (snoogle) and Zulily (???)”.  Attached was this photo:


Who me? I had also just gotten a package the day before, too.  But honestly, I put a ban on baby stuff, not Momma stuff. 

So what was in the packages? 

My snoogle finally arrived!  I finally heeded Amanda’s advice and contacted Amazon [you were right – it had gotten lost/hadn’t even left the headquarters!], and they sent it overnight. 


I’m not sure it works any better than my body pillow, but give me a few more days. Winking smile

My For Two Fitness camisole and pants. 


I had been looking for some good maternity workout gear since I plan to keep teaching classes into the third trimester, so when Zulily had a special on For Two Fitness clothing I decided to grab their ‘Ultimate Maternity Fitness Pant’ and a cute signature top.  After trying the pants on, I wish I had purchased about five more pairs to live in for the next six months.

Jennifer Wolfe’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVDs


I’m excited to have a prenatal yoga DVD for home workouts!  I love taking classes at studios, but the times don’t always work for my schedule and it gets pretty costly.  I love that this set has multiple workouts of differing lengths and that there’s a partner routine!

Granted, these are all things that will serve me during my pregnancy, I don’t regret any of them, and I bought them over time [ranging from two months to two weeks ago], but I doubt that they’re all necessities for pregnancy.  So I’ve decided that I need to slow down with the online shopping just a bit.  I keep using the excuse that there’s nowhere to buy these things on Maui, but I’ll be visiting family on O’ahu next month where I’ll be able to get most things I need, so I have no excuse. 

Are you an online shopper?  What’s the best thing you buy/bought online? 

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