Two Steps Forward…

one step back. 


I truly am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons by getting my Masters in Social Work – and for my drive to get shit done – but I have to be honest: I’ve hit a wall. 

After spending hours writing papers, researching, and reading yesterday, I got to class only to realize that two of those three papers (which I was so proud of turning in early!) need to be rewritten because my Profs changed their mind about what they wanted from us. 

Disappointed smile I literally left class in tears last night, wondering if this self-induced stress is really worth it. 

It seems like I’m slowly but surely trudging my way through my to-do list, but by trying to stay on top of things by getting them done early, I wind up making twice as much work for myself. 


[tell me that check-list isn’t daunting]

I’ve always been one to sit down and work until everything is off my plate, but with such a crazy to-do list lately, it seems impossible. 

I started on today’s list at 7am, and I’ve decided it’s time to take a breather to do something I actually enjoy: writing for pleasure and taking the dog next door for a walk.  I need to keep my priorities in check [there’s so much more to life than research + group papers], and make sure the baby isn’t feeling too much stress in there!  I’ve got someone else to think about now, and hopefully the fresh air will help me think more clearly. 

Still, my case notes won’t stop staring me down.


How do you find balance when you’re feeling overwhelmed?  Are you a won’t-stop-til-everything’s-off-my-plate kinda person, a total high-stress procrastinator, or a work-break-work balancer? 

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