Worldly Different Weekends

Being hapai has had a pretty dramatic impact on our weekends.  Living in paradise means good weather about 80% of the time and gives us lots of options for outdoor activity, so Ben and I would typically be out doing something on both Saturday and Sunday of our weekend pre-pregnancy unless there was some serious housework to be done. 

Luckily, Ben’s been really amazing at going with the flow as my wants and needs shift, making sure we still get our weekend quality time without me having to feel uncomfortable. 

During the first trimester, the combination of fatigue and all-day nausea made going for a car ride sound horrendous, so we spent most weekends doing low-key activities like going for walks around the neighborhood, lounging at the beach or watching movies. 


When the second trimester came along, I felt almost normal again, which brought our weekly hiking trips back!


[in moderation of course…]

But now that I’m beginning to actually put on some weight, my center of gravity is shifting, and – swoon – the belly is showing, the hikes are beginning to feel longer and a bit more difficult.  Last weekend I felt energetic, so Ben and I made it a point go for an adventurous up-and-back hike


[At the Wailuku Cross]

By the end of the 45-minute steep and slippery walk down, Ben and I looked at each other in agreement: We can’t do that trail again until the baby comes’.  Harsh, but the trail is just too steep and slippery to do without a good center of gravity.  Plus, we both slipped multiple times, and the thought of actually falling down that hill with my belly is terrifying. 

I’m so used to pushing myself to reach new limits on hikes and with my workouts, but I know now that I’ll have to set my ego aside and stick with the easier trails from now on.  Honestly, it’s not so difficult now that I’m feeling the little one so much.

download (1)

After our hot, dry hike, Ben and I were ready to jump in the stream, so we headed to ‘Iao Valley to sit in the refreshing [read: freezing!] river and ate our snacks.  It was bliss. 

This past weekend was completely different than last.  Instead of starting our day with an adventure on Saturday morning, I woke up extra early and started studying like a mad woman for the NASM Personal Trainer Certification

[About six months ago, I made the decision to invest in myself and purchase the course materials to study to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  I chose the National Academy of Sports Medicine because I heard the best, most honorable, things about them.  I heard that their exam is the most thorough and because of that, their trainers are highly regarded.

After months of self-study, and about a week of serious test anxiety [I honestly don’t think I’ve been so nervous about a test since the SAT… which should say a lot, as I’m in grad school!], I’m SO excited to share with you my good news:


I PASSED!  Open-mouthed smile 

After spending so much money on myself and feeling nervous about whether or not it was a good idea, I am so glad that I took the leap and believed in myself.  This will open up so many doors for my future, and I’m excited to be able to have the knowledge of a CPT. 

I went to the Swap Meet after my test on Saturday morning, and on the way home the fatigue set in [I’m still not sure if what I’ve been feeling is fatigue or depression, but I’ve been experiencing a serious lack of motivation lately].  Instead of packing everything up and heading out for an adventure,  Ben and I went for a walk with the neighbor’s dog, watched The Wackness, and then went out to get some gluten-free pizza for dinner [win-win-win!].   


On Sunday, I was still in a funk.  Ben decided to blast some Whitney to try to cheer me up [she was one of my idols growing up and I can vividly remember dancing through my living room with my Mom while watching and listening to this]:

[She had such a gift and was able to bridge so many societal gaps…]

But when the dancing was over, I still didn’t want to do much, so I decided to go with it rather than fight it.  While Ben went to play some disc golf with Zak, I did some cooking, writing, and reading.  I even got in an afternoon nap. 

And then we had some friends over for dinner!  Smile  Grilled veggies + quinoa salad = winner every time. 


I keep having the same realization in different ways: As this pregnancy progresses, I’m just going to have to listen to my body and flow with the changes that come.  Sometimes that’ll mean going for long hikes in the woods, and sometimes that’ll mean watching movies and napping. 

What’d you get up to this weekend?  Do you typically do a lot of activity or lounging [or a mix of both] on the weekends?

Aloha Pumehana.
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