Valentine’s Day Every Day

Ben and I are strange. 

You may have noticed. 


To describe us, our friends use fun words like eccentric or unique. 

We love it.  I’ve always felt so different, and finding someone as weird as me so early on has made life not only way more fun, but meaningful.  I’m so grateful to have found someone who gets me on every level, makes every moment an adventure, and truly loves me for all that I am.


One of our quirks is that we aren’t big on typical holidays.  I may have mentioned that we don’t give gifts on birthdays or holidays… instead we have Happy [insert-day-of-the-week-here]day! gifts that come randomly throughout the year.  It makes receiving a gift that much more surprising, and we actually get what we need rather than things we’ll never use.  Plus, we try to make a conscious effort to practice the values of holidays on a daily basis [why just celebrate peace and abundance during Christmas, or love only on February 14th?] rather than on just one day a year. 

We really don’t have any rules when it comes to holidays, though… and if we feel like it, we celebrate!  And we always make it a point to do something special on our wedding anniversary. 

It’s probably a good thing we’re not “celebrating” Valentine’s Day this year, because this year my evening is going to consist of two super exciting activities:

  1. helping my Uncle fix the brakes on my car for two hours, and then
  2. giving a presentation to my Social Work with Families class. 

… Yay!  Disappointed smile

And just because we’re not doing anything extraordinarily special with our Valentine’s Day this year doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying all the love + heart-themed ideas circulating the blog world! 

A few of my faves [which I totally plan on making soon!]:





I just realized that all three of those options are chocolate-based.  What can I say?


And just for fun, a few of my favorite posts about my best friend + life partner:

Don’t forget to love yourself today [and every day, for that matter!]!  Even if you’re strange… Winking smile

Any special plans for Valentine’s Day?? 

Aloha Pumehana.
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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Every Day

  1. Judee Wright says:

    Love your posts Haley and Happy Valentines Day to you, Ben and your little one too! Those dark chocolate peanut butter cups look absolutely wonderful!

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    Well, Chocolate is a food of love and valentine’s 😛

    Hope you had a great day, and I hope you enjoy the pb cups!

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