Healthy + Hapai–20 Weeks

I can barely believe it, but we’re already half way there! 

Even with the little kicks, bumps, and flutters, I still leave our midwife’s house after hearing the heartbeat with sparkles in my eyes.  I always look over to Ben and say in disbelief, “There’s really a baby in there!”.  It still just feels so surreal. 


“By now, your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces and is as long as a banana… about 10 inches from head to heel.” (Source.)

Ten. inches.?!!  That’s like, almost a foot:   


I’m am feeling bigger, but I still don’t know where – or how – exactly the baby is fitting in there.  It makes sense why I’ve been experiencing heartburn though… there’s so much jam-packed into my body at this point, it’s almost too much to fathom. 


As I said, I’m still sort of in disbelief of this whole miraculous process.  I’ve definitely been feeling bigger lately, which is exciting, although I still get quite a few ‘I can’t even tell’s from people.  On the other hand, I’ve also had more and more people know right off the bat that I’m expecting, so I suppose it just depends on the day… although the fact that I’m constantly rubbing and talking to my belly might give it away, too. Winking smile

Week 10 - sideIMG_8059

[Week 10 vs. Week 20]

  • We had a great 20-week update with our midwife at the end of last week in which we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again!  [We hadn’t heard the heartbeat since our thirteen-week check up]  I truly believe that my body was made for this, so I try not to worry too much, but that heartbeat set my mind at ease 1000 times over.  The baby’s happy, healthy, and thriving in there!  It was also good to know that my ketones [proteins] and blood pressure are great, and that the baby’s heartbeat was a solid 145 bpm.  My uterus is measuring up a couple finger-lengths above my piko [belly button], and my fundal height – the volume of my uterus – measures a couple centimeters short [which actually puts me at ease since I’ve been having crazy dreams about having a humungous baby].

  • We’ll be heading back to Kaiser in a few weeks to talk with our doctor about gestational diabetes testing options, since my family has a history of diabetes and it’s one of the things our midwife can’t do.  I’ll be asking if it’s possible not to drink the infamous sugar-laden, unnaturally-colored drink, so I’ll let you know how it goes.  From then on, the only other time we envision going to Kaiser again is at the 37-week mark, when we have to do a Strep test [in case we need to be admitted to the hospital]. 

  • The baby’s been reassuring me that he/she is doing well!  The other day I yawned really big and the baby gave me a serious roundhouse to the gut… it was amazing!  He/she is definitely most active in the afternoons/evenings and barely moves around in the morning, so I can tell he takes after his Daddy [I’m a morning person]. 

  • We’ve been talking and singing and dancing with the baby as much possible [one of my favorite things in the universe is when Ben talks to my belly].  Our favorite baby music so far: Dino5!!  Hip-hop for babies with some seriously amazing artists!  [Check ‘em out, stat!]. 


  • I had my first I’m gonna need a substitute teacher for my TurboKick class moment on Monday.  I couldn’t get comfortable the night before and spent the entire night tossing and turning, which resulted in me being not only emotionally exhausted but also physically exhausted for my 8am class.  Until then, I honestly felt like I could teach up until my due date, but now I’m glad I’ve got someone lined up for the last couple months of the pregnancy as a just-in-case now. 

  • I’ve still been eating like it’s my job!  Seriously, food just tastes so good to me right now.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much fruit in all my life. 


Ben continues to amaze me with his level of support and love and patience with this process, especially because he’s not experiencing any changes yet [I kept hoping he would gain weight with me, but his metabolism is just too amazing]. 

The baby and I get lots of love and kisses from Daddy on a daily basis, and I’m positive the baby feels the love.  And I don’t even know how to explain how fortunate I am to have a partner who continues to tell me how much loves and adores me every day, but especially on the days when I’m feeling most unmotivated and useless.  Plus, he deals with my thrashing night after night to get comfortable, and then to untangle myself from my snoogle so that I can pee for the fourth time.  IMG_8062

The other night he laid with his hand on my belly and I felt the baby move.  I asked Ben if he could feel it, but he said noWhen I ask him what he’s most excited for in the coming months, he says it’s feeling the baby move and kick… and I couldn’t agree more!  I’m so excited for Ben and the baby to have a way to communicate with – and get to know – each other the way I’ve been getting to know the baby. 

Aloha Pumehana.
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