Random Monday

Happy Monday! 

I usually wake up with some idea of what I feel like blogging about.  Sometimes I try to keep themes, and sometimes I just go with what I’m feeling [one of the joys of having my own little creative space online is that I get to post whatever I want!].  But this morning, I have way too much energy and thus couldn’t decide what to write about, so I decided a random post was necessary. 

First off, I didn’t wake up with all this energy [in fact Ben is probably wondering whether I have multiple personalities considering he left a groggy and grouchy Haley at 7am].  I was craving chocolate this morning, and since I teach my Turbo class at 8am, I decided to have a couple pieces before leaving the house this morning.


People have differing views on whether hapai women should eat chocolate [due to caffeine content], but I believe in moderation, intuition, and keeping Momma happy. Winking smile  We usually don’t keep anything under 80% dark chocolate in the house, and I haven’t had any in a while.  I literally had two pieces of the stuff and felt so much energy I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Thank goodness I could put all that energy to use with my kickboxing class!  But I’m still feeling energized like crazy, so I must still be riding the caffeine wave…

Ben finally got his second pair of Vibram FiveFingers this past weekend [his first pair was on it’s way out and he wanted something specifically for running]! 


[He decided on the Komodo Sport and loves them!]

Watching him come back from a great run with a healthy glow makes me miss running.  He’s all signed up for the Valley to the Sea Half Marathon on March 24th, which means he’ll have his second half under his belt in less than a month!  I’m thinking I may just sign up to walk the 5 or 10K, but either way, I’ll be there cheering for him! 

I’ve been way more emotional than I’d like to admit over the past week or so.  I’ve been feeling lost with life, overly pessimistic about everything, wanting nothing to do with anyone other than Ben, and having no motivation for anything other than laying in bed and watching shows like this one on Netflix:


[Ben + I were late to catch on and are currently watching Season 5]

I keep telling myself to be patient with the process, but it’s difficult nowadays to tell which emotions are simply pregnancy hormones and which are real

I have far too many photos in my camera right now.  A few of my seriously random faves:


Candid unprepared healthy+hapai update shots.  Haha… I’m pretty sure I was griping about the stretching sensations happening. 


Tons of food-that-didn’t-work-out or I-haven’t-had-the-time-to-post recipe shots.  Those are sugar+wheat-free tahini cookies on the left, and [too] crispy french toast – gone wrong. 


Random adventure to the Melting Pot just for dessert [I thought I was craving it, but Ben and I got sick from all the sugar].  Needless to say, we weren’t such big fans. 


And finally, photos from Ben + Zak’s hike in the crater yesterday [these aren’t really mine since I wasn’t there, but I’m living vicariously]. 

Alright, I’d say that’s enough randomness for one day.  I’m off to get some Mom-time in – we’re gonna go run some errands – and then write a paper. 

I leave you with a thought:

“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.” –Bob Feller.

Make today count [even if that means laying in bed and watching How I Met Your Mother]Have a beautiful Monday! 

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