Motivational Monday–Find What Works for You

This pregnancy has been such an incredible roller coaster.  During the first trimester or so, I lost all my own motivation.  I felt so nauseous and exhausted that I stopped blogging as much, throwing my weekly Motivational Monday posts went completely out the window. 

But now that my energy is back and I’ve got my Personal Trainer Certification under my belt, I feel like I’ve got a lot to say!  I’m back to feeling motivated – and motivational! – so I’ve decided that it is high time to resurrect the series.


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of newbies in my TurboKick classes.  I always love having new people in the mix because it adds an excitement for me as the instructor and I’m always interested to see if the format jives for the individual. 

As a fitness instructor, I’ve learned not to take it personally if someone shows up to class one day and never comes again.  Or even if they walk out half-way through.  TurboKick isn’t for everyone.  At the same time, although I absolutely love the moments when an individual comes up to me with endorphins raging and tells me how much they love the class, I can’t take that personally either.  It just means that something about the class really works for that person, not that I’m the best instructor there is. 

The main thing for me as an instructor is that people move.  The way in which you move makes no difference to me… there are a ton of options for you to try to see what resonates with you… just move!  And the best way to ensure you keep moving is to find something that makes you want to keep going back for more.  For me, that’s Turbo and not Zumba [I’ve tried multiple times but just can’t get into it].  That doesn’t mean Zumba doesn’t help millions of people to get fit; it just means it doesn’t work for me

So my motivational tip for you today is to find what works for you.  And to know that you should never feel bad for not liking a format.  Just recognize what works for you about it and what doesn’t, and keep searching for your perfect workout!  Once you find it, you’ll start going more frequently and see results much quicker! 

Just to highlight just a few of the many, many options available to you:

For the Soloist:

Working out alone can be incredibly meditative and therapeutic.  Some people like to use music while working out alone while others enjoy the silence. 

  • If you enjoy working out alone, you can hike, run, walk, or swim


  • you can start at home with DVDs


For the Group Exerciser:

Exercising in a group offers accountability and camaraderie, and often pushes individuals to push farther than they would individually.  Nowadays you can find a group class for just about everything…

  • Water aerobics, yoga, tai chi and pilates classes are lower impact options



  • There are also some awesome specialty options available nowadays that can’t go without being recognized, such as pole-dancing, the bar method [based on utilizing the ballet barre], and Physique 57 – if you’re lucky enough to live/visit towns in which there are classes.


  • And finally, your community may offer team sports – for instance, on Maui you might consider paddling canoe, dancing hula, or joining a soccer or softball league.

Remember when searching for your perfect workout to stay open-minded and try out a class or activity more than once. [It took me about three classes to really start loving Turbo.] 

With so many options, you’re bound to find something that fits you!  Happy hunting!

Have you found your favorite workout?  Did you like it the first time you tried it? 

Aloha Pumehana.
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