Sunday Scenes

Happy Monday! 

After such a wonderful weekend with the hubby, I’m so excited for this week!  But before we jump into it, how’s about some random shots from our Sunday? 


his + her breakfasts: [his]: whole wheat french toast topped with maple syrup + almond spread (homemade almond butter + cinnamon + almond milk to thin). [hers]: gluten-free protein packed pancakes topped with almond spread. 


Beach time! Smile  The weather looks horrible, but it was actually a really nice day to be at the beach – not too hot/windy.  Plus, I got to lay with my belly in the sand and feel the baby kick away! 


+ a nice long walk on the beach with Ben to reconnect. 


Home to make hummus + sundried tomato gluten-free crackers!  Don’t worry, the cracker recipe is coming soon… you will not be disappointed!


Plus a chicken casserole for the week [I used this recipe but subbed the quinoa for millet]. 


qt mouseDiscovered an awesome surprise from the cat that’s adopted us.  I love that she’s a hunter… and that she’s now completely uninterested in the carcass.


Blue bowl dinner with the hubby. Smile  We had millet topped with veggies, chicken, and vegan gravy [yeah, I totally see the irony in that] + asparagus. 

We had a calm evening, prepping for the week to come and reading to the baby.  There’s a storm a-brewin’ today, but I sure am excited for this week!  [Ben’s parents come to visit Friday!!].  Have a great Monday!

Aloha Pumehana.
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