Bring On April

Well hello, April!  When did you sneak in?

I’m really excited for this coming month for a few reasons:

  1. I finish my practicum in three [!!] weeks,
  2. After this month, I’ll only have one week left of school before summer break starts, and
  3. I’ll be entering the third trimester! 

I’ve never been big on spring cleaning – or any cleaning for that matter – but I’m actually hoping that the combination of spring and “nesting” will help me get organized this year.  One can hope, right?


After last week’s quick Spring Break, I’m back in the swing of things!  I feel really good about it [actually thrive better when I’ve got a routine and schedule to follow] because this is the final push of the semester!  Nonetheless I’m glad Ben and I laid low this weekend – it was just what I needed to set me up nicely for a week of go-go-going. 

A Few Highlights:

  • Homemade plain whole wheat and cinnamon-raisin bagels were made and are now stock-piled in the fridge and freezer for my carbosaurus hubby:



  • Our house was brightened up with beautiful yellow flowers – a surprise from Momma!  Smile


  • And, perhaps most randomly: we watched A Streetcar Named Desire [after hearing about a Stanley + Stella-screaming contest on the radio and realizing we actually own the movie, we decided to watch it].  I usually can’t keep my eyes open during old films, but this one kept my attention [possibly because I work in severe mental illness?]. 


The rest of the weekend was filled with rest, household chores, research and paper writing, and I’m glad to say that I’m now about half-way done [woot]! 

The break last week was nice and all, but I really enjoyed teaching my kickboxing class again this morning and getting a couple of papers turned in!  I’m off to put together a powerpoint presentation and then – hopefully – get a nap in before class!  Smile

Have a beautiful Monday!

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5 thoughts on “Bring On April

    • Haley Rabago says:

      Most definitely! Having homemade bagels in the house makes being gluten-free THAT much harder, but Ben loves them.

      Hope your April is wonderful too, Alison!

  1. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop says:

    Hello Lady!!! I am so behind with you! I miss reading your blogs! I can’t believe you are in the third trimester already!!!! So excited for you! Ok I guess enough exclamation points? Sounds like a nice low key weekend. I totally get that. I can’t wait for this weekend because even though its Easter, I have off from school Friday and Monday and nothing else planned! Rob and I need some serious at-home time! Have a great last week of classes too! It has been crazy here lately with school which is why I’ve been MIA. Just trying to get to May!

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