Out and About

Isaac still isn’t a huge fan of his car seat so getting out with him by myself is still really intimidating, but now that it’s just the two of us, I’m thinking it’d be beneficial to start getting him more used to getting out and about. 

Monday was our first full day at home alone together, so it was a transitional day – plus it was pretty grey and rainy – so we spent most of it indoors, aside from a short walk around the neighborhood. 

But Tuesday I decided it would be a good time to try our luck at getting out.  Since we live just about five minutes from the park, I decided to put him in his seat and drive there for a walk to stretch our legs and get some fresh air [yes, I realize it would make much more sense just to walk but that defeats the point of getting him used to his seat]. 

I used to walk this park at least once a week when I was hapai – we actually walked it on the blustery day Isaac was born – but Tuesday was my first time back since then… unreal!

I forgot just how beautiful the view is from there:


Isaac and I did a lap with his stroller and he did great for about 15 minutes.  After that he started screaming at the top of his lungs and people started giving me the stink eye. Shifty

So we went back to the car and I set him up in the ergo, which he loved. 


We did a few more laps with him in the Ergo, and then I decided to try to get my heart rate up with some stairs.


Because I was so active throughout my pregnancy, I was excited to move around again and actually get sweaty!  Aside from moderate walks, I’ve waited until the 8 week point for exercise again because I wanted to be confident about breastfeeding and my milk supply before switching anything up.  Even so, it’s still really important for me not to jump back into exercise too quickly [and to be sure to get enough calories to make up for it] because rapid changes could really effect my supply. 

Yesterday – Wednesday – we went on a 10 minute drive to visit Ben and his coworkers, and Isaac screamed for about 50% of the drive [progress! ha!], and today he only screamed for a minute on our drive home from the park [which makes sense – I woke him up from a nap + he was hungry]. 

So he’s not the most portable baby just yet, but I know that this phase won’t last forever and truthfully there’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing my son scream and cry for even a minute, so I’m not in the biggest rush.  I have yet to attempt a solo drive to town [which is about 20 minutes away], but I’m thinking it’s gonna have to happen soon, as I’ve got some errands to run during working hours.  I’ll have to get up the guts to do it.  We’ll see.

For now, I’m just grateful he’s getting into his car seat without crying. 

The little one’s asleep in the Ergo yet again – I swear it’s the only way he’ll sleep – so I’m off to try to rest while he is.  Enjoy your day! 

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