Day In the Life–3 Months

I’ve always enjoyed reading Mama blogs that give me an inside look into their new life with baby.  And I always planned to do one for myself one day so that I had something to look back upon later and think, Wow look at how things have changed, or haven’t changed. 

…And then I had a baby…

And every day since Isaac’s birth has been different.  There is absolutely no schedule or routine happening, which at first was totally overwhelming for this Type-A personality.  But I finally got around to it yesterday!  And I’m excited to have a document of what it’s like to be a Stay-at-Home-Mama with my precious 3-and-a-half month old.

This was Monday… I decided to start my 24-hour stint the previous night [Sunday] for simplicity’s sake.

10:45 pm: First feeding of the night / Pump

As soon as Isaac starts to stir in his cosleeper next to our bed, I get up to heat a Lact-Aid while Ben un-swaddles him.  I sit up in bed to feed him so that he can get a full feeding and sleep for longer, and then Ben changes his diaper and re-swaddles him before passing back out next to me.  When I’m done, I sneak Isaac back into his cosleeper and make my way back to the kitchen…

Because Isaac has a bubble palate, he can’t remove all of my milk, which lowers my supply.  Since I’m typically taking care of him by myself during the day, I make it a point to pump at night to ensure that my supply doesn’t drop any more.  Shows on Hulu keep me company during my lonely night pump sessions.  Then I head back to the kitchen to store the milk.  I’m back in bed by about midnight.

3:15 am: Second night feeding / Pump.

Same process, but this time I’m much more sleepy and Isaac takes a little longer.  I head back to bed around 4:30 am.

6:45 am: Ben has been up for an hour, and Isaac lays sleeping in his cosleeper, which is a total surprise.  I get up and take the rare opportunity to put on my contacts, brush my hair and teeth, and make the bed.

7:10 am: Isaac starts to stir, so I go over to him and give him big hugs and kisses, singing good morning to the sun and welcoming a new day.  He sleeps for longer stretches if he’s swaddled, so I un-swaddle him and take off the hat he wore since it was so chilly last night.


I change his clothes and diaper, then pass him to Ben for a second so that I can change and heat his next Lact-Aid.


7:20 am: Ben heads off to work and I sit down to feed Isaac.  Even with the supplemental nursing system, it still takes us 30-50 minutes to nurse.  This one happens to be a short feed.

7:50 am: Isaac comes to the kitchen to make breakfast with me, and then I put him down to play and have tummy time while I eat [breakfast this morning was warmed-up homemade waffles with peanut butter and bananas… have I mentioned the fact that we got a waffle-maker for our 3rd wedding anniversary??].


8:15 am: The babe is totally over playtime and starts to fuss, so I put him in the Ergo and we head out for a walk.  We usually go walking at the park or with friends, but today I have an errand down at the shopping center down the street, so we head down there.  While I’m there, I pick up some veggies at the supermarket as well.  Isaac falls asleep on the walk back up the hill.


9:00 am: Back at home.  I try to put Isaac down on the bed to nap and fail miserably.  In just a few seconds he’s staring up at me with wide eyes.


9:15 am: I lay down and nurse him back to sleep for his first nap of the day… around 9:45 he finally falls asleep, so I get in the kitchen to clean the Lact-Aids and frantically cook some tofu and veggies in the cast-iron skillet for my lunch today.


I put the food on the side for later and then head to the nursery to try to pump while preparing my presentation for class tonight [oh, yeah, that’s right… I’m still in grad school, hah].


10:30 am: Just as I start working on my presentation, Isaac starts to cry.  I change him and then he sits in the kitchen while I try to clean up a little.  IMG_8727

10:50 am: Isaac has a meltdown.  I’m serious.  Look at this face:


Poor guy.  I nurse him and he feels much better…

11:30 am: We have sign time, I eat lunch, and then we shake out some wiggles.  Isaac starts to rub his eyes again.


11:45 am: Another diaper change, then I swaddle the little one and lay down for his second nap.  He falls asleep around 12:15 pm.  I always try to get at least one nap with him each day, so I fall asleep for about 20 minutes with him, then get up to finish my presentation, check emails, make formula [we make one batch every day], and clean and set up the next Lact-Aids.


2:00 pm: Another nurse session – we went to the beach yesterday so that may explain why Isaac is a bit more sleepy than usual.  He falls asleep on me and I don’t want to chance getting up and waking him, so I let him rest while I practice my presentation for grad school tonight.

3:00 pm: After his nap, Isaac has a diaper explosion, so we head to change another diaper.


Once he’s clean, I try to get a little workout in using him as a weight. He thinks it’s fun and giggles while I huff through squat-presses and twists with him, but he’s over it in about half an hour, so then we lay down and have more tummy and play time on the mat.


4:00 pm: Isaac’s hungry again – time for another nurse sesh.  This time I get a text from Ben halfway through saying he’s on his way home and the minutes drag on as I wait for him.  After Isaac nurses we head outside to see the garden and wait for Daddy.

4:45 pm: Daddy’s home!!!  Isaac and I both light up when Ben pops his head out of the car to greet us.  I love watching Isaac with his Daddy – he’s always so excited!  Ben and I catch up while he changes his clothes.

5:15 pm: The handoff.  I finally pass the babe back off to Ben, then rush around trying to get everything ready for class tonight.  Aside from grad school and presentation stuff, I need to bring the pump and bottles with me so that I can pump during the break and on the drive home.


I also take the spare moment I have to fill the Lact-Aids with formula for the next day so that I only need to clean them and prepare them when necessary (we only have three systems, which is why I need to clean them often).  Heat the next one up…


5:45 pm: Nurse again.  I make sure he gets a good nurse in so that he’ll take a bottle with Ben or my mom in a few hours.

6:15 pm: Glammaw (my mom) grabs Isaac to burp and spend some quality time while I scarf down some leftovers, kiss everyone goodbye and rush out the door for class.


7 pm to 10 pm: I sit in class for grad school and give a presentation, but all I can think of is my son.  The way I’m doing all of this so that it’ll hopefully allow us to live comfortably one day.  How I hope he knows how much I miss him while I’m away, and how I’d rather be bathing him and snuggling with my family instead.


10 pm: Back home… put away pumped milk, grab something to eat, brush my teeth and get ready for bed… warm up the next Lact-Aid, and then

10:30 pm: Nurse Isaac back to sleep and get in bed myself.

…And the cycle begins all over again… Smile

Aloha Pumehana.
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10 thoughts on “Day In the Life–3 Months

  1. Valerie says:

    That was so enjoyable to read! You are going to LOVE that you spent the time documenting that later on!! 🙂 A few thoughts: Those waffles look amazing!, Are you signing with him? We sign too. So fun and helpfull, That Ergo looks like a great way to take a walk, His meltdown was so sad! 😦 , You are rockin’ with all that pumping!! Well done. 😀

    • Haley Rabago says:

      Haha, thanks! His meltdown WAS so sad!! And yes, we’re signing too… my husband and I actually took two years of American Sign Language in college, so it’s nice to get back to it (it’s just like any other language – if you don’t use it, you lose it!). And I LOOOVE my waffle maker, lol.

  2. kira says:

    hi haley! mahalo for all the updates so we can keep up with everything going on over on Maui! We miss you guys! Hopefully we can come by and meet the little man some time next year. 🙂 such an amazing mama lady! plenty love and hugs! 🙂

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