Friday Randoms

I don’t know about you, but this four-day week has felt extra long for me.  Maybe it’s because I still had the same amount of work to do, just one less day to get it done…


My practicum/internship site this year is beyond amazing and totally up my alley as far as practicing what I want to do after I receive my masters degree, so I’m taking full advantage and doing everything I can to get the most of my time there.  I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity with this practicum to meld my loves for health, community, cultural competence, and social work. 

Being a stay at home Mom and full-time student is harder – and more fulfilling – than I had ever anticipated.  I’ve had to say no more times than I’m used to [which is really a good learning lesson for me] and shift my priorities a great deal.  I’ve lessened my standards and have gotten really good at pumping out research papers on minimal data at the last minute.  Some days I have to shift gears from Counselor to Mama to Student so quickly that I forget where I am.  I’ve forgotten my notebook and pulled out a diaper during more meetings than I’d like to admit.


There are so many things I’d really love to catch you all up on.  Like what our pros and cons of cloth diapering are, the fact that I’m no longer taking 21 headache-inducing, weight-increasing pills and tinctures a day to breastfeed, and that adding fresh coconut water to my son’s homemade formula has made a world of difference…


But it seems as though my son has an internal radar that tells him to wake up from his naps just as I start to type.  And whenever Isaac’s awake, we’re far too busy playing and exploring for Mama to be writing.    100MEDIA36IMAG0253

The biggest annoyance for me in the house right now is this guy:


[Curse you, stuffed duck that quacks every time you’re moved even the slightest bit!] 

We bought a seat for Isaac so that he can start sitting with us during meals and eventually eat with us.  His pediatrician says he’s ready to eat solids any time now, but Ben and I want to wait until we think he’s really interested and ready… plus I refuse to believe he’s already old enough for that!  Nonetheless, I’m so excited to start experimenting with solids and making my own baby food!


I’m off to get us ready for today’s next adventure – the post office!  Smile 

Have a wonderful Friday! 

Aloha Pumehana.
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