Five Months

Considering Isaac will be six months old in just over a week, I figure I should get this post out now.  Winking smile



Isaac’s personality has really started to shine through, and boy is he a character!  This little boy loves the outdoors and playing with his toys, but more than anything, he loves people!  He’s never been afraid to be held by anyone, which is wonderful when there are so many people who just want to love up on him.

I find it hard to believe that this is the same little guy who spent months kicking my ribs from the inside.  While he was mostly pretty calm in the womb, Isaac is incredibly active outside of it!


Between months four and five, Isaac really started moving and grooving – kicking his legs and tossing his toys like it was nobody’s business.  Of course, when you look at how much he’s grown, it’s pretty obvious that he’s becoming his own little person rather than just an extension of his mama.



I absolutely adore having Isaac as my sidekick every day, and recognize just how fortunate I am to be able to do so.  While I wish we were more mobile and could see more friends, I think the babe really appreciates being able to have a schedule.  Plus, we make sure to get out as much as we can.

I always thought I would like the newborn phase most – the babies are just so sweet and helpless, teething isn’t an issue yet, nor is talking back or running away – but in actuality, I’ve found that the newborn phase was exceptionally difficult for me, but that I’m really enjoying every phase that’s come since.  Rather than constantly missing what was, I find myself truly enjoying the present with my son.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  This whole Motherhood thing continues to fascinate me and challenge every belief I ever had.

Ben and I went on our first post-baby date during Isaac’s fourth month [my mom babysat]!

We went to an incredible beer-and-food tasting night featuring Pizza Port at Maui Brewing Company on the other side of the island.


Ben’s a big beer fanatic, and while I’m not a big drinker, it was a win-win because Ben got my beer while I got to taste some seriously great food creations!  We spent a few hours talking to other adults [!] and having a really fun time… but when we got home, you can bet we gave Isaac the juiciest kisses ever! 

I adore my husband, and it was really great to take some time to connect just the two of us again.  It’s so important to both of us that Isaac sees what a functional relationship looks like, and that we can show him how beautiful true love can be <3. 

Five month firsts: rolling over from tummy to back, sitting up assisted.

Favorite things: His Uncles – especially our best friend Zak, my Uncle Stevie, and my brother.  Reading books.  Mornings with his Glammaw [my mom… they feed the chickens and water the garden together every day].   116

Not-so-favorite things: too long on his tummy, riding in cars for longer than ten minutes [hey, that’s an improvement!], and waves crashing on him.


Happy Five Months, Baby Boy!  You shine brighter and brighter every single day!

In just a week we’ll be talking all about introducing solids and Mama and Daddy hitting a wall with sleep!  Smile

Aloha Pumehana.
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