Happy Holidays from the Emerald City

We made it safe and sound to the city by the Sea!

25Dec2012 034

And although it is much different from our tropical 80-some degree weather outside, it is still beautiful. 

Isaac did just fine on the red-eye from Hawai’i [slept the whole way!]…


We – on the other hand – couldn’t sleep the entire flight and were pretty much zombies by the time we got in.  Luckily, the weather was perfect for sleeping in and staying cozy around the house.  While we snoozed, the grandparents got quality time with the babe. Smile

22Dec2012 015

Every day since then has been full of family time [Isaac has been spending lots of time with his cousin who is 6 days younger than him!]…

22Dec2012 056

great food, and getting out as much as the weather allows for.  When the rain is falling [which is often], I take Isaac shopping to walk around and shake out the legs.  When it’s not raining, we walk the neighborhood and he gets to explore this brand new land!

22Dec2012 036

25Dec2012 017

With all the family and adventure, there hasn’t been as much time for blogging or jewelry-making as I had hoped.  Plus Isaac’s been teething, which is a whole new adventure – keeping us on our feet, day and night. 

I hope your holiday season is just as full of joy and love as ours continues to be.  And that you are surrounded by loved ones. 

25Dec2012 003

I also want to thank you for sharing in this beautiful year with me.  It has definitely been one of the most life-changing years of my entire life. 

From our family to yours: Happy Holidays! 

22Dec2012 123

Aloha Pumehana.
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