Seattle Adventures

Ben and I have always been big on going on adventure (back when we first met in college, he piqued my interest because he was the only one who would leave the dorms at 1am to walk around campus and explore with me).  We love to explore nature and the outdoors, and have gotten used to spontaneous adventures – leaving at a moment’s notice for a day hike or to discover a new brewery. 

Things have needed to shift quite a bit with Isaac here – especially because he’s never been a fan of the car seat – and our adventures have had to become shorter and closer to home.  We have to schedule them around naptime and be flexible on the days when Isaac’s mood is just not going to cooperate. 

Lucky for us, the little guy has been pretty flexible and excited for adventures while we’ve been here in Seattle.  There have only been a few days where we’ve had the time to get out and about (most times people have been coming to us for visits), but I’m glad to say Isaac’s been quite the trooper in his little ergo every time.  It gives me hope to go on more outings once we get back home! 

On the nice days, we’ve gone on a few walks just around Ben’s family home to get out.

22Dec2012 034

And then, of course, there are the farther destinations which entail getting into the car seat – which he doesn’t seem to mind so much with all the clothes he’s wearing.  I’m pretty sure he just feels like he’s in a giant swaddle. 

25Dec2012 012


We’ve gone down to Pike Place Market a couple of times – Isaac’s eyes always get huge with all the activity!

25Dec2012 017

…And then he falls asleep Winking smile

25Dec2012 024

We’ve gone to quite a few stores just to walk around in the warmth (the mall plus places we don’t have on Maui like Target, Best Buy, Trader Joes (!), Babies R Us, etc.) and get the babe out of the house. 

25Dec2012 009

But our favorite adventure yet has been visiting the Seattle Aquarium with Isaac’s cousin Ayla, his Aunty Heather, and the grandparents!  These two are seriously too adorable – my heart just melts. 

31Dec2012 077

The babies loved the aquarium!  They were completely entranced by the bubbles, swimming fishies, and all the beautiful colors.

31Dec2012 05931Dec2012 067


Isaac even contemplated joining them…

31Dec2012 08531Dec2012 086

(You may think we set him up to do this, but he literally put one leg onto the side of the tank by himself as if he wanted to jump in!) Haha… I’m pretty sure this kid misses his swim time, and I know what we’ll be doing lots of once we get back to the islands! 

It’s another gorgeous and frosty morning in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re off to find another adventure to keep us all occupied (we’re thinking a book store and the University district today!).  Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

1Jan2013 011

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