Six Months

It seems impossible that more than half a year has already gone by since that very special morning Isaac joined us [here are Part I and Part II of his birth story]. And yet, when I see just how much this little boy has already changed and grown, it seems as though more than just six months should have passed by now.

26Dec2012 125

[birth weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz]

In six months, Isaac has gone from almost exclusively nursing and sleeping all day long to babbling, kicking and engaging with us throughout the day.

26Dec2012 136

This little boy has such a big personality!  He’s constantly wanting to see what’s happening and be part of the action.  His inquisitive light brown eyes are wide and his voice is surprisingly booming for such a tiny body.  And he is hilarious – he’s already got an arsenal of expressions and cracks himself up. 

The big developmental milestones for six months were Isaac’s ability to sit on his own and roll from both tummy to back and back to tummy. He started tasting solid foods once he became five months old (we still aren’t consistent with a solids schedule yet) and has loved pretty much everything we’ve offered him (something tells me he’s going to have an appetite and metabolism like his Daddy – I’m prepared to be eaten out of house and home).  As far as nursing goes, we’re now only nursing with the SNS at night (2 feedings). Everything else is bottles, which actually feels really good & much less stressful.

Month 126Dec2012 108

[One Month / Six Months]

This past month included our first time traveling with Isaac on a plane. Heck, it was the first time we were in a moving vehicle for more than 45 minutes. Our trip to Seattle went incredibly well.  Isaac showed me that he’s more than capable of going on more adventures and I’m now ready to do more with him.

Isaac got to meet his cousin Ayla while in Seattle and watching him interact with her was really special! The two are only 6 days apart, but their personalities couldn’t be more different.  They weren’t quite sure what to do with each other just yet, but I’m so excited for them to grow with one another.

4Jan2013 026

[They are such goobers.  The cuteness just kills me!]

More six month tidbits:

Daddy’s current favorite trait: Isaac’s noises – laughter, making raspberries, babbles.

Mama’s current favorite trait: Isaac’s nuzzles – he’ll pull my head to him and rub his face back and forth on mine and give me kisses (he actually gave me two chin-hickies last week!)

Diaper update: The babe is now fitting the next size up of his cloth diapers (and outgrowing his tri-folds). While on vacation we used only disposables for simplicity, and while it was nice not to worry about washing, we got to see just how much we’d be filling the landfills with and we’re really excited to be back to cloth.

Foods: poi/taro, sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, pear, and mum mums.

Favorite time of day: mornings, just as he’s waken up (energy!)

Number of people who have babysat: 5 (Glammaw, Aunty Lisa, Uncle Darren, Poppy and Grandma Holly)

Teeth: Two bottom!  He technically got them on the 31st – five days after he turned 6 months old – and was a complete trooper about it.  It’s amazing how fast they grow… and how hard the boy can bite! 

Sleep: We started getting into a great routine and Isaac was doing really well before our trip… Now that we’re back, we’re working on it again.  I was so worried about unswaddling him because he would wake himself up with flailing arms, but as it turns out he likes to sleep on his tummy and will sleep for hours that way (since he rolls over on his own I’m not so worried about it anymore).  Who knew?

6Jan2013 039

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