A Few of Our Favorite Things–6 months

Before Isaac was born, Ben and I were pretty minimalistic.  We managed to live in a small one bedroom cottage with no storage for five years, donating and purging belongings multiple times a year just so we could live comfortably in the tiny space. 

Nowadays, we still don’t feel we need much to survive and thrive – hence the name of the blog Winking smile – but we definitely seem to have more around.  Most of it has either been gifted to us or given as hand-me-downs, which is perfect since every baby is different and what works for one isn’t guaranteed to work for all [so many people told us that having a swing and/or a bouncer would save our sanity but Isaac hated both!]. 

We’ve already got quite a few things in storage ready to be donated or given to the next family in need [the swing and bouncer included], but we’ve also got a few things that our little family uses every.single.day. 

Here’s a list of our current favorite things:

[Just a heads up: the following are Amazon affiliate links.  I appreciate your support with the blog, as I receive a small portion of sales!]

Meal Time:


1. The Baby Bullet + Steamer makes it unbelievably easy to make quality homemade meals for the little one right at home, quickly!  The steamer also makes hard-boiling eggs way too simple for the adults in the house. 

2. OXO Feeding Spoons [in green] are by far our favorite feeding spoons – soft tips, comfortable, and long-handled.

3. Silicone mesh feeder for the I-Can-Do-Everything-MYSELF baby.  And the mama who wants to make sure her son doesn’t choke on a piece of pear. Winking smile

Play Time:


1. The V-Tech Counting Fun Elephant was my god-daughter’s favorite toy when she was Isaac’s age, so her grandma bought one for Isaac.  He’s already figured out how to twist the elephant’s ear and loves watching the balls fly into the air! 

2. Indestructible books are perfect for young babies – they’re chew-proof, tear-proof, and completely washable.

3. Isaac’s Zubel’s eco-friendly plush whale is one of the only toys he’ll carry around for hours – he likes the sound of the bell when he shakes it, he talks to it, and he bites it! 

4. Isaac hand-chose this Baby Einstein activity jumper while we were in Seattle at Babies-R-Us.  We had a gift card from his uncle so we let him choose his gift.  The thing is a life-saver for me when I need to get stuff done around the house and Isaac really loves jumping and playing with all the toys. 

Bath + Bed Time:


1. Green Toys submarine: eco-friendly, made in the US, fun for the babe and useful for the adults!  Isaac loves the water, so anything that comes with him makes him happy.  Eventually he’ll be able to open it up and put more toys inside (!).  Plus we use both the side holes and the wide spout in front to pour water over the little guy. 

2. I Love You, Little OneOf all the books we got, this is by far my favorite.  I read it to Isaac every night before bed.  It goes through a bunch of animals asking their mamas if she loves them, ending with a child.  On the last page, the Mama tells her baby, “I love you as the stars love you, constant and bright above you, giving you joy and peace and wonder.  I love you as the stars love you, forever, and ever, and always.” 

3. The Homedics iSound Spa has a projector/night light, white noise sounds, and a timer.  We’ve used this machine religiously for naps and bedtime since Isaac was born.  Unfortunately, our projector broke while we were on vacation Sad smile so I’m debating whether I should buy a new one or just continue using it as a sound-machine.   

Wish List:

11Jan2013 021

We currently have – and like – our Fisher Price booster seat for meal times, but I really want to get a hook-on seat (like this one!)for the babe to sit at the counter closer to the kitchen since he loves to be part of the action and enjoys watching us cook (it’ll be much higher up than the booster seat).  Plus I feel like it will be way easier to bring along if/when we eat out. 

Do you and/or your child have things that make your life way easier?  I’m always interested to learn about new things!

Aloha Pumehana.
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