This little love bug and I had a big date this morning:

11Jan2013 071

[We were so excited in fact, that he couldn’t settle into his first nap.]

We’ve been going swimming since Isaac was a few weeks old – and recently started going to the pool at least two or three times a week – but today was our first official swim lesson

12Jan2013 040

For the next six weeks we’ll be practicing in the water so that Isaac feels comfortable and I feel safe as he explores his boundaries.  We’re both comfortable in the water – Isaac took to it really naturally – but I’ve always been nervous about submerging his face, so I thought this would be a great experience on all parts. 

12Jan2013 050

In today’s class, we:

  • practiced kicking in a forward position,
  • practiced kicking in a back position,
  • learned how to get out of the pool [he’s a bit young for this one, but it’ll definitely be important!], and
  • fully submerged the babies! 

Isaac is seriously a natural in the water. The instructor was amazed by how agile he was, so she showed me how to hold him in a way that he can use both his arms and legs to swim around.  We also both did really really well with going under the surface!  Isaac was such a trooper with getting some water [it’s inevitable] and I appreciated having an expert with us to make sure I was doing it correctly. 

I’m so excited to learn more as the weeks pass and I’m glad we’re getting him comfortable with the water at such a young age. 

12Jan2013 09712Jan2013 100

After our lesson, we traded the chlorine for saltwater and headed to our friends’ 1st birthday party at the beach.  It’s been a long sunshiny day, and although we’re all exhausted, I couldn’t be more happy about it!

How’s your weekend shaping up?  I was hoping to get another post up [a six-month Day In the Life!], but we’ve got friends visiting from outer island and lots of other things happening [including a nap, hopefully!]. Smile  Alas, living comes first! 

Aloha Pumehana.
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2 thoughts on “Submerged

    • SimpleYetSignificant says:

      It is… it’s a honu I got while I was abroad in Aotearoa/New Zealand, actually =) My family friend recommended this Maori guy who created the tattoo specifically for me based on my life – it was an amazing experience!

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