Day In the Life–6 Months

I know I say it all the time but truly, how the hell has it already been three months since I wrote this 3 month Day In the Life post?  I really enjoyed writing that post – and I’m positive I’ll be glad I did it later on down the road as well – so I want to keep it up every few months and see how things have shifted or stayed the same.  So many things have changed in just a few short months… so many things have gotten easier, and others have become more challenging.

This was the full day for yesterday, Tuesday.

3:20 am: Isaac stirs.

As of a week or so ago, Isaac is no longer being swaddled (!).  He begins to fuss in the cosleeper next to the bed [he sleeps next to Ben because I’m such a light sleeper that if I sleep next to him every.little.sound will keep me up all night].  Since he went to sleep around 7, it’s been over 8 hours since he last ate, which means it’s time for a bottle.  I warm a bottle while Ben changes Isaac’s diaper.  Isaac chugs his bottle, I rock him for a minute, and he goes back to sleep without a hitch [this was lucky.  The night before this, Isaac had us all up for hours as he wouldn’t settle back down]. 

6:15 am: Good morning!  Isaac waits patiently in his cosleeper while I warm up another bottle and Ben gets ready for work.  When I get back, I change Isaac’s diaper and find that there’s a surprise just for me [how long have you been hanging out with poop in your diaper, kid?].

10Jan2013 068

6:30 am: Isaac guzzles down a 6 ounce bottle in record time.  Then we head to Glammaw’s side of the house to see the fishies and say good morning.  Glammaw (my mom) watches Isaac while Ben finishes getting ready for work and I jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

7:15 am: We say goodbye to Daddy as Ben heads off to work.  Isaac gets a diaper change and looks sleepy so I decide to read him a couple of stories and then rock him and lay him down to sleep… he fusses for about twenty minutes before I abort the mission.

11Jan2013 063

7:50 am: Play time in the living room!  Isaac plays with his toys and has tummy time while I try to prep his first solid meal of the day.  He sees what I’m doing in the kitchen and gets excited, so I put him in his booster seat.  He eats his papaya while I prep the rest of his meal: avocado and butternut squash with a bit of rice cereal to thicken.

15Jan2013 004

8:30 am: Still eating!  This boy loves his food.  He finished his meal and then wanted more, so he chomped on a mum mum while Glammaw and I ate our breakfast at the table with him.

15Jan2013 005

[the remnants of breakfast]

9:00 am: I usually take Isaac for a walk in the mornings, but it was a rainy morning.  The sky seemed to clear at this point so we head out and Isaac gets to explore the wet earth with his tiny fingers and toes.

15Jan2013 01115Jan2013 009

9:15 am: Isaac starts to rub his eyes, so we head inside, change his diaper, read a story, sing a few songs, and then lay down for his first nap of the day.  He falls asleep at about 9:25.  Meanwhile, I rush around trying to clean up the mess we made at breakfast, then check school and internship emails, and update the blog before he wakes.

10:00 am: Isaac’s up!  He chugs another bottle (this time 8oz) and then hangs out in the jumper while I get everything ready and put on my shoes.  I change his clothes and diaper.

15Jan2013 022

10:30 am: We head out the door for our morning walk.  I like the hills in my old neighborhood (about a 5 minute drive from home), so we head over there.  I just found out last week that Isaac likes his stroller!  We walk the hills around my old house for a while and then run into a friend who has a son one month older than Isaac.

11Jan2013 014

11:15 am: We haven’t seen these friends in months (which is FOREVER in baby time), so we stop over to talk story and catch up.

12:00 pm: Isaac’s tired again and getting a little overwhelmed by his friend, so we walk back to our car and drive home.  I heat up a bottle, change Isaac’s diaper, and then rock him to sleep.  He easily falls asleep in my arms but the moment I put him down he wakes up.  I try to lay with him, pat him and sing to him, but he’s not having it.  I know he’s exhausted so I stick with it, even though he won’t stop rolling over, babbling and even laughing [must stay strong!].

1:05 pm: Fiiiiiiinally, after half an hour of patience, he’s asleep.  I rush to the kitchen and eat some cold chicken and veggies for lunch [it’s not worth the time it takes to heat it up in the toaster oven], and then do some work for practicum and the blog.

1:40 pm: Isaac’s up!  He wakes happy so I take him out to play, but he’s obviously still tired, so we read another book and lay back down together.

15Jan2013 029

[He gets goofy when he’s tired]

2:10 pm: I fall asleep with the babe.

3:00 pm: I’m pretty sure I wake Isaac up as I get out of the bed.  He still seems tired, but I’m not about to try to put him down again, so I just cuddle with him and take it easy.  He drinks another bottle, plays a little (but is pretty fussy and clingy) and then we have snack time: papaya and banana.  In the mesh feeder, of course.

15Jan2013 038

3:45 pm: Ben comes home and baby gets a few minutes of Daddy time!

4:00 pm: We all get in the car for our self-care chiropractic appointment at 4:30.  Isaac is so much better in the car nowadays – playing with his toys the whole way to Ha’iku.  He hangs with his Aunty Celeste (the Chiro Assistant) while Ben and I get adjusted, then gets adjusted himself.  We go for a short walk, then head home.

5:45 pm: We change another poopy diaper (they’re much different now that he’s eating solids).  I prepare Isaac’s dinner and everything for Ben to take over for the night.

6:00 pm: Isaac eats dinner – poi and avocado.  He’s tired tonight and doesn’t seem too interested.

15Jan2013 039

6:15 pm: I leave the house and head to Whole Foods to pick up some organic fruit and veggies for the babe before class.

While I’m gone, Isaac’s schedule will be: bath around 6:30; bottle around 6:45; read a book or two; sleep around 7pm.

7:00 pm: While Isaac sleeps, I sit in my SW 797 “Advanced Social Work Policy Analysis” class.

10:15 pm: I get home from class, wash and refill Isaac’s bottles for the next day, get ready and then fall into bed, hoping that Isaac won’t wake until between 3 and 4 am again.

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