Hey friends!  Liking the look of the new blog?  I’m not sure it’s what I like so I think I’m going to keep playing around with it for a bit…

Three day weekends have always been so refreshing to me.  I had an extra day to get stuff done around the house, was able to get out more, and even sleep in.

This weekend, however, left me more exhausted than I’ve been in quite a while. 

I’m not sure if it’s the six-month sleep regression, if there’s something in the air, or if Mr. Isaac has more teeth coming through, but holy crapskies, I’m not feeling ready for this week. 

12Jan2013 106

Poor guy.  It must be really hard work to push teeth through gums, so I’m trying to stay as empathetic and loving as possible. 

12Jan2013 112

Here’s hoping Isaac has an easy time adding more chompers to the pair he’s already got! Smile

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4 thoughts on “Chompers

  1. wifeysimmons says:

    Poor guy! It is has to stay empathetic…!
    We’ve had luck with the homeopathic teething remedy Camilia. And Wish Garden’s Sleepy Nights for Kids tincture for all kinds of sleep disturbances! 🙂

    I am being totally honest here and I really liked the blog banner you had before with all the different pictures! Your blog looks great, of course, but I really LOVED the other banner. 🙂

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