Motivational Monday–Staying Present

I feel like I owe you all an explanation.  First I change up the blog, do a giveaway, and start writing a post a day and then I up and disappear for a week. 


Live your life, take chances, be crazy.

Don’t wait cause right now is the oldest you’ve ever been & the youngest you’ll be ever again.”

Here’s the deal: The past few weeks I found a spark to really work on the blog.  I have a serious passion for writing, I love being able to document my life, and I adore my followers.  I’m also coming to the end of my Masters program and unsure as to what I want to do with myself next (I joke with my husband that I feel like I’ve already had about 4 quarter-life crises because I feel like I’m constantly recreating myself when I come to these crossroads in life). 

This past week, though, I had a few big deadlines for both my internship and school, leaving me feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Add to that the need to start job hunting, and I felt immobilized with worry and fear – something I’m constantly learning to work through. 

In these times of feeling especially worried and fearful about the future (What if I wasted all this time in school and won’t be able to support my family? How am I going to get back into Personal Training/Instructing shape?  What if I fail miserably at writing/creating/being a mother?),  I try my best not to get too overwhelmed by simply STAYING PRESENT. 

I know, it’s so much harder than it seems sometimes. 


Over the years, I’ve found that when I simply take a moment to be – right here, right now – I gain a sense of gratitude for life.  A gratitude not just for everything I have, or have been given, but for simply being alive.  Having the opportunity to grow.  And yes, also having the opportunity to fail.  A lot of the time, that’s all I need to get me through a rough patch. 

Once in a while I’m capable of recognizing when I need to take a moment to just be, and to reset.  But most times when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I become engulfed with emotion and don’t realize I’m overwhelmed until I’ve self-sabotaged in some way and/or gotten into a huge argument with a loved one.  Anyone else have this issue?

I do believe that taking a moment to just be is beneficial whether you’ve already begun feeling overwhelmed or as a preventative measure, so I’ve started to implement daily activities to stay both present and mindful about how I’m feeling. 

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Here are some ideas for staying present:

  • Create reminders for yourself around your home.  I have my biggest goals plastered all over the house [here are a few of my Notes to Self], especially in the spaces I visit a lot (like the fridge and the bathroom).  Many times, right as I’m about to self-sabotage, I’m able to catch myself with a note and remember what’s important and why I’m living my life this way. 
  • Sit alone for a few minutes each morning.  Notice I didn’t say “meditate” or “practice yoga” or anything like that because people tend to get overwhelmed with the concept of having to do those things “correctly”.  Just sit for a few minutes each morning as you rise.  You can think or not think, sing or stay silent, move or not move… whatever you’re doing – as long as you’ve created time to reconnect with yourself and no one else – is perfect. 
  • Go for a walk every day.  Same concept here, except take it outside.  I like to be in nature, leave the ipod at home, and turn off the cell.  Now that the little one’s here, I make sure to take him for a stroll at least once a day, which allows us time to connect with each other without too many distractions. 
  • Disconnect.  We are so connected all the time.  People can reach us on our cell phones anytime; information is available to us at the touch of a screen; even email is checkable 24/7 nowadays.  Turn everything off for an afternoon – or just an hour, if you can’t handle that – and simply listen to the rusting of the leaves outside. 
  • Breathe.  Reconnect with yourself by simply listening to the sound of your own breath for a few minutes.  To me, it’s empowering to remember that I am alive.  My body is in perfect working order.  And that truly, that’s all I’ll ever need. 
  • How do you practice being present? 

    Motivational Mondays are meant to offer you tips and tools to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at simpleyetsignificant[at]!

    Aloha Pumehana.
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    4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday–Staying Present

    1. mbsbalance says:

      I can relate BIG time. Especially with the ‘argument’ aspect. Have you read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks? It’s an AMAZING book that talks about limiting beliefs, and stopping self sabotage…and so much more. I think you’d love it. Thanks for this great posting (and reminder!) xoxo

    2. Kerstin Lock says:

      Thanks for the post Haley! I can relate to the argument aspect, in the moment of hardcore stress it’s sometimes hard to remember the people we love are on our side 🙂 I really needed a reminder to stay present. Thanks again for the reminder

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