Seven Months


I always knew this little boy was special but seriously, his awesomeness factor has grown exponentially since he was born:


[Isaac loves his Duckster!]

As you can infer from the monthly shots, as Isaac gets older he becomes more and more of a character.  He’s so full of life and energy, and every day with him continues to be an adventure! 

It’s amazing to look back on his progress photos and see just how much he’s grown!  When he was two months old, he was just hitting eight pounds.  Now that he’s seven months he’s over seventeen, which means he’s more than doubled his weight in just five months!  That is a lot of growth! 

24Jan2013 202

It’s tough to get a clear shot of the boy because he’s constantly moving!  Although he’s not crawling yet, he’s definitely started to army crawl and shimmy and is capable of getting from one space to another all on his own [although it isn’t always in the direction he plans]. 

His newest trick is pulling himself up! 

3Feb2013 010

[Watch out, world!  Here I come!]

Isaac is able to pull up easiest on a person, but he’s also capable of hoisting himself up and hanging on to the couch and other Isaac-sized fixtures like his toy box and low tables. I like to let him explore his surroundings by letting go of him – and I  know that he’ll inevitably fall a lot, as it’s part of the learning process – but I can’t help but spend most of our playtime strategically placing pillows so that he’ll have a soft place to land.  Must be motherly instinct. 

11Jan2013 025

Other skills Isaac has picked up in the past month:

  • Cause-and-effect – he quickly learned that when he twists the elephant’s ear, the balls pop out of his toy
  • Speech – he’s been babbling for a while now (na na, ba ba, da da, ma ma), but his first actual words that he seems to understand the meaning to are “up” (which sounds more like “puh-pup!”) and “more” (which sounds like “muh!”)
  • Manipulation – he’s recently learned that crying tends to be the quickest solution to most of his problems, so he’ll scream if you take something away that he really loves.
  • Eating up a storm! – Isaac is an excellent eater and has started all kinds of new foods this month.  His favorites seem to be peas, carrots, papaya, and pears! 

3Feb2013 045

Isaac’s now also more than halfway done with his swim lessons!  His instructor is continually amazed by his comfort and ability in the water, and I’m (totally unbiased here Winking smile) pretty sure it’s because he was born into it.  I am so glad we’re getting him in the water at such a young age – living on an island means he’s going to have to be comfortable around water, plus it really wears him out like nothing else so that he sleeps really well! 

24Jan2013 045

Aside from that, the biggest and brightest thing about our La`akea being seven months is simply his wide-eyed love for life and sheer amazement for living!  Everything is just SO beautiful and exciting! 


24Jan2013 179

A few other seven month tidbits:

  • Favorite things: clocks, calendars, being outdoors, watches, his toy box, green drinks, sitting in the grass
  • Least favorite things: wiping his face after a meal, Mama leaving the room
  • Teeth: he got his bottom two teeth at six months and just cut his top left tooth – it’s come through just barely!  He has been an absolute champ about teething and I am so grateful.
  • Firsts: taste of crayon – blue [thanks Glammaw Winking smile], trip to the other side of the island – without crying! [for Braddah Capo’s first birthday at Launiupoko], ride in a shopping cart [totally seeing the value in those covers now]



As far as parenthood goes, this month has been intense.  On one hand, I feel like this month I started making strides toward taking time for myself by incorporating daily walks and exercise back into my regimen.  On the other, there has been so much stress as I finish up grad school and try to juggle all of my priorities.   


It’s also been really tough to find time and energy to cultivate my relationship with my husband.  Ben has been my best friend for 10 years now, but the stresses and exhaustion of everyday life – as well as giving 100% to raise Isaac with the very best of intentions – have created a few riffs in our bond over the past few months.  Obviously it’s to be expected, but it’s something that often gets glissed over, so I want to be sure to state that we are constantly having to shift to cultivate a healthy marriage. 

24Jan2013 309

All in all, every single month – and every single day, truly – just seems to get better and better with my incredibly sweet family!  I am so profoundly grateful that we are all in good health and spirits, and that we have so much love and support surrounding us always. 

To see other monthly updates, check out the Parenting Page!  Smile 

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