Happy Friday! 

Even though the weekends – and weeks! – come and go too quickly nowadays, I’m so glad to have another weekend on the horizon.  Swim lessons, family time, even cleaning sounds amazing after this week, hehe. 

It was definitely a doozy for me (anyone else?), but I’m glad to say that I got a lot more done than I imagined and I’m feeling ahead of the game for the first time in months!   


I was pretty overwhelmed with my schedule for the week, which included a video, a paper, twenty-some hours of practicum, and incorporating a new intervention at my site.  I’ve also been editing a couple of pieces to submit!  Smile  [feeling the fear and doing it anyway!]

8feb2013 015

I’ve been working on relaxing and trusting the process, especially because my chiropractor informed me this week that my adrenal glands [related to stress and responsible for the fight-or flight response]are being overworked right now.  I’m not too surprised – this happens to me every once in a while when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  The tough part?  She wants me to relax, not overwork myself, and try to get more rest if possible [all things that seem pretty impossible at this point]. 

8feb2013 013

To help, I’ve been working on staying present, I’ve started listening to a night-time relaxation/visualization CD, and I’ve been keeping an eye on my nutrition.  It makes a huge difference in how I feel emotionally!  Not sure if I’ve been overcompensating with the crazy amounts of tea, though. 

8feb2013 018

This morning’s eats:

8feb2013 011

Protein waffles [still trying to perfect the recipe – it’s pretty dry] with almond butter and apple sauce over top for me and Glammaw, and papaya and rice cereal with peas [his favorite!] for my La‘a.

Of course, it overflowed while cooking. 

8feb2013 009

Some day I’ll learn.

Between my Mom (Glammaw) and our family friend Robin watching Isaac, I’ve gotten three half days to get some extra work done this week!  I’m overcome with gratitude.  And I’m seriously so. over. grad. school. 

8feb2013 016

I’m off to go play with the little munchkin now!  I’ve really been loving this stage of his development… he’s always overjoyed to see me! 

24Jan2013 337

How has your week been?  Anything you’re over lately?  Winking smile

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2 thoughts on “Over…

  1. Lauren says:

    I am SO over winter. You can at least feel grateful that you have opportunities to connect with the outdoors between the months of November-April. It still starts getting dark (and cold) here by 5pm, which is, of course, right when I get off work! It’s really starting to wear me down. But then, I’m not in grad school (yet)!

  2. Melissa @TryingtoHeal says:

    He is such a cutie!!! I can see you in him every time he smiles!!!

    This week was long one for me too, trying to get a lot of things done for work and working a 55+hour week out in the field is very exhausting. Hopefully next week holds some time for us to just sit and relax!

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