Chains and Tires

Hey guys Smile 

Just a quick minute to drop in before the babe wakes from his nap (he’s at about the 45 minute mark, which is really pushing it since he typically only takes about 30 minutes!).   I just had to post some shots from yesterday’s adventures to Polipoli, though. 

11feb2013 006

We packed up the family – including Uncle Zak! – and headed up to the disc golf course for Isaac’s first round Smile 

11feb2013 123

It was a gorgeous day!  Bright and sunny, but still nice and cool because of the elevation. 

11feb2013 022

I carried the little one (who is now somewhere around 18 pounds – not so little anymore!), stopping to snap photos and let him explore.

11feb2013 054

11feb2013 06911feb2013 061

And the guys did their thing.

At one point, they played every weekend or so, so they’re both very familiar with the course. 

11feb2013 01011feb2013 126

I, on the other hand, had only been up a couple of times before (both when it was either rainy or foggy), so I really enjoyed hiking through the course and adventuring with Isaac. 

11feb2013 08511feb2013 101

Isaac was a serious trooper!  He was so much fun and didn’t complain once.  He loves the outdoors!  

11feb2013 10911feb2013 107

He even fell asleep for a while in the backpack! 

And while I know it’s not the most ideal place for the bug to catch some Zs, it feels good to know that we’ve reached a stage where we can take Isaac on some outdoor adventures with us!

11feb2013 116

It felt so good to back in nature with my guys! 

Now we’re back to the weekday grind. 

Hope you’re having a great Monday!  Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Aloha Pumehana.
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