Eight Months

I can barely believe it, but I have an 8 month old (technically he’s just about 8 and a half months already!).


It feels like just yesterday he was just eight weeks old.  And although he was adorable back then, I wouldn’t choose to go back even if I had the choice, because I was an absolute mess – complete with sobbing, post-partum fits – then.  Nowadays, we understand each other much more and most of the tears I shed are happy or proud tears of joy [though the occasional ohmygodI’mgonnalosemyshit tears surface randomly too]. 

19Feb2013 032

I’m happy to report that Isaac has gotten much more used to car rides and is much happier getting out and about nowadays.  We’ve gotten into a good routine of going for a walk in the morning, having breakfast, putting him down for a nap, and then getting out mid-morning to see friends/explore the park/attend playgroups.  Isaac loves being outside and exploring, and he’s interested in everything!

19Feb2013 092

This month has been all about learning to move!  He went from sitting to half-crawling, to pulling himself up and scooting, to getting much better on his knees!  He doesn’t crawl 100% on his knees just yet, but the boy can get from point A to point B in no time!  He’s got mad worm skills and is pulling himself up onto just about anything he can reach lately.  It’s definitely time to babyproof. 



The other day I asked him where his ball was (it was about six feet in front of us), and he replied “bah” and looked at it across the room.  So I said, “go get your ball”, and he proceeded to climb out of my lap and across the floor to his ball!  I was so proud, it took everything in me not to start crying.  He understands so much, but it was he first time he was able to really show me that he understood! 

26Feb2013 11826Feb2013 119

The other big thing this month has been his personality.  Isaac definitely has his opinions, his likes and dislikes, and has no problem making them known.  It’s amazing watching as he develops so quickly! 


Eight month tidbits:

  • Teeth: four – top two and bottom two – with a third bottom popping out now.
  • Food: he is a food monster (as he’s always been!)… He’s now eating three solid meals a day plus his usual 5 bottles.  He usually has a mix/match of homemade purees and small pieces of foods that he gets to pick up himself, now that he’s got a good pincer grasp down. 
  • Words: He seems to most understand and be able to replicate B, D, and M words.  In his repertoire: “ba” = bottle, ball, bye; “muh” = more, milk; “Dada!” 
  • Cool tricks: Switching off lights and giving high fives.
  • Diapers: Still cloth at home and disposables while out.
  • Sleep: Glammaw bought Isaac a 4-in-1 crib this past month that’ll grow with him (thanks Mom!).  Ben and I always thought we’d keep him in our room with us for a while longer, but we decided to see how he liked his crib, and he does really well at night in there, so he’ll sleep from about 7:30pm til around 4:00am in his crib, then wake up for a bottle and come sleep in our bed until around 6ish.  His naps are mostly in his crib nowadays unless I’m laying down with him (which is usually in our bed). 
  • Likes: swimming, going for walks, food, peek-a-boo, his reflection in the mirror, other babies.
  • Dislikes: naps and getting his diaper changed.


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3 thoughts on “Eight Months

  1. Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny says:

    He’s so lovely! Such an expressive wee face 🙂 Clever boy with finding his ball – I would have shed little tears too. You are in for the ride of your life now that he’s on the move! Our little man (basically the same age) isn’t showing any signs of moving yet (his brother bum-shuffled from about 9mths, and only crawled once he learned to walk!), but this time around, I am more than okay with this!!

    • SimpleYetSignificant says:

      🙂 I hear you Angel! I kept telling him to ‘take your time’ with moving, lol… All my friends say it gets crazy now! But to be honest, the WHOLE THING is crazy, lol. All of it! So I’m trying to enjoy every crazy moment 🙂

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