Nine Months

Unbelievable.  This little guy is now nine – and a half – months old.  Vibrant, happy, energetic, and more gorgeous than any boy I’ve ever met.

9April2013 059

He also keeps me busier than any boy I’ve ever met. Winking smile 

This past month Isaac became 100% independently mobile! It happened incredibly quickly, but the boy jets around this place – both on his knees and holding onto furniture. 

9April2013 015

9April2013 021

Isaac continues to learn an incredible amount every single day.  Despite our attempts to stay as low-key and minimal as possible, he has a ton of toys, but it’s music and reading that this little boy loves most. 


We read as much as humanly possible around here – upon waking, upon nap-time, after we eat, in the tub, before bed – yet Isaac still crawls over to his books excitedly saying, “Buh! Bouh!” to read more times in a day than I can count. 

Aside from that, Isaac has also spent a lot of time socializing this month.  He’s always enjoyed people, but he’s now learning to interact with his friends in such a fun way.  We usually go to the park every day to meet up with friends, shake out our legs and play.   Watching the kids learn and play together is so heart-warming.  9April2013 067IMG_20130403_093827_267

He also fell in love with his first dog, Petey, this month!  We dog-sat for my Auntie and the two were ridiculously cute together – Petey would lick Isaac’s face and Isaac would sneak Petey food under his highchair [Unfortunately Petey doesn’t like papaya – Isaac’s fruit of choice].

9April2013 036IMG_20130322_165540_042

[“Saaaave Mee!” –Petey.]

The other big development this past month: attitude.  Isaac has got lots of emotions down!  And he knows what he wants.  If you try to “help” him with something, he’ll make an angry face, scream at you and squirm away.  He’s one independent boy, that’s for sure. 

9April2013 0499April2013 044

Random Nine Month Tidbits:

Teeth: Tooth number seven just popped through in the past day or two! He’s now got four on top and three on the bottom.  The boy is a teething champ!  [Side note: We use an amber necklace, which is supposed to help with teething discomfort and inflammation.] 

Favorite things: Books, books, books!  The outdoors.  Brushing his teeth.  Walks.  Swimming.  The sand.  Dancing.  Fish. 

9April2013 089

[Isaac loves our home tanks, but he was amazed by the Ocean Center.  Ben and I got annual passes and the babe is free until 3!]

Tricks: Isaac plays catch (sometimes by himself – he’ll throw the ball, go get it, throw it again, etc.) and switches off lights.

Least favorite things: Changing his diaper, putting on sunscreen, leaving the playground, not being able to stand up in the bath. 

9April2013 164

Sleep: Isaac’s been sleeping in his crib – in his own room – for about a month now!  As far as the details go, I’ll be doing a legit update soon.

Food: The kid still looooves his food.  Anything and everything, truly.  He’s now eating three meals a day – a mix of purees and soft foods that he can pick up himself. 

9April2013 196

[He goes crazy for papaya!]

Booboos: Isaac has at least one bruise on his head every single day from bumping into things or simply bonking his head on the ground repeatedly [!!?].

Stats: Our next check-up is April 12th, and I’m really excited to see how much Isaac weighs [probably somewhere around 20+ pounds is my guess]?  He’s really chunked up!  Smile 

Quick Family Unit Update:

Nine months in, we’re starting to embrace the chaos.  We’re learning to let go of the little things (like having a pristine home or folded laundry) so that we can spend more of our time enjoying each other.  The days seem to just fly by, but we’re doing our best to take family walks on a daily basis and eat dinner together when it’s possible.  Isaac and I have found a daily routine, but we were really lucky to have gotten a week and a half of Daddy time during Spring Break! 

We’re also incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by supportive and loving family.  My Mom [Glammaw] wakes up with Isaac almost every morning [they feed their fish and water their garden together while I get a work out and shower in], plus she watches him while I’m at my internship a few hours a week.  And my Auntie Robin comes up to watch Isaac one day per week so that I can get more work done for school.  Thank god for my village – I don’t know how I’d do it all without them. 


[Guess who completed his first race?]

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4 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. Pema says:

    You are a great looking family! Isaac is off to a grand start with such warm, loving and happy supportive people in his life. Mahalo for taking time out of your VERY busy schedule to do such an inclusive post. I love seeing pics of him; makes me smile!

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