Ten Months

Double digits!  Someone pinch me.  I’m still absolutely shocked that he’s now been outside of my belly for as long as he was in there.


While the blog may have been pretty slow this past month, things around here have been anything but!   Last month I said Isaac was moving… this month he’s mastered the art of crawling and can’t be left alone for more than one second [I checked a text message the other day and by the time I looked up 20 seconds later he had crawled all the way into our bedroom at the opposite side of the house]. We’ve really gotta watch him when he’s in his walker!




Isaac’s growth continues to astonish me on a daily basis and I feel like every single day he does something brand new.  Whenever people meet him they’re amazed by how intrigued about everything he is.  He loves adventuring and I swear I can see the wheels turning in his head as he explores his world.  This month has been pretty sentimental for me, as I’ve been realizing how independent our son has become… he needs me less and less everyday, which is equal parts wonderful and heartbreaking.


The boy truly is non-stop all day long… and keeping up with him takes quite a bit of effort on my part.  We do our best to get out every day by running errands, swimming, meeting up with friends, and going for walks.  It’s tough to get the boy to sit still long enough to even take a photo nowadays.

For how active he is, Isaac’s first cold definitely put a damper on things for a few days. 


Even with all our playdates and all the random things he puts in his mouth, Isaac has been really lucky to have not caught a cold up until now.  He was a real champ while he felt under the weather – just a little more needy and fussy.  Nonetheless, it was miserable watching him sick, especially because I was also sick and rendered completely useless.


Ten Month Tidbits:

Baby signs: more, book, yay!, milk, change, done, dad/mom, purple, green – all depending on context

Words: wow (my favorite!), more, milk, banana, book, ball, up, dada, pau (done)

Naps: Two to three 30-40 minute stretches each day… then I have to lay down with him if I want him to sleep any longer.  I’m trying not to get frustrated with it because I’m just grateful that he sleeps a good stretch at night, but it’s rough and I always envy moms who can get their kids down for more than 40 minutes.

Teeth: still stalled at seven – four on top, three on bottom – but he’s been drooling up a storm, so we’re thinking there are more on the way very soon!  He’s also been biting (only) me—my arms, knees, shoulders—really hard for the past month or so.  Not fun.

Fun new tricks: clapping, patty-cake, pointing, fake (forced) laughs and smiles, bear crawling

Favorite things: music (especially the triangle, drums, xylophone and piano), walks, books, friends, mirrors, animals, swimming, making noise,

Least favorite things: diaper changes, wiping his face, being told he can’t do something

New foods: beans, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cherries… he’s been eating more solid and chunky food this month, for sure.

Height and Weight: 28 inches (what?!) and 19lbs 6oz at his nine (and a half) month check up – probably still about the same.

1st Lu’au: Baby’s first birthdays are really huge in the islands, so these next couple months will be focused on his party.


For more monthly updates and parenting posts, check out the parenting page!


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