Day In the Life–10 Months

Hey guys, remember me?  Winking smile 

It’s been a wild and crazy last few months, but I’m excited to get back to blogging regularly again!

Ben and I sat down tonight and read through our 3 month and 6 month Day In the Lifes and we’re so glad to have a record of what life has been like, because honestly, life is flying by so quickly nowadays that it’s difficult to remember much.  It’s amazing to see how much our family has progressed over the past year or so, specifically since Isaac has come along.  I’ve been trying to capture a Day-In-the-Life post for more than a month now, but things get so hectic throughout the day that I forget half of what happens, or I forget to take photos… so I just did my best today.


Today was a Monday.


12:40 am: Isaac is now sleeping in his own room right across the hall from us.  He cries for a minute but then falls back asleep on his own.  I – on the other hand – have been dealing with some serious insomnia ever since he’s been sleeping through the night [I guess months of waking at odd hours will do that to you], and I have a really difficult time falling back asleep. 

3:40 am: Mama’s up again.  No one else is.  Just me. Disappointed smile  I focus on deep breathing to get back to sleep…

4:45 am: Isaac is actually awake now, but it’s definitely not time for him to get up just yet.  I cover my head with a pillow and even put an earplug in, but there’s no falling back asleep for me.  We’ve been trying to teach Isaac that he can either go back to sleep or play in his crib on his own until 6am, so his room is off limits until then, but we’re all awake. 

5:40 am: I get up, put the baby’s bottle in the warmer, get dressed, and then go into his room.  I sing him good morning, open the curtains, and change his diaper.  Ben showers while I feed Isaac his first bottle, read him two books, and then head into the living room.

6:15 am: Ben gets out of the shower and takes over with the baby, reading books, playing music, and getting ready for the day while I get in a quick strength training session and jump in the shower.  

7:05 am: Breakfast time! Ben gets ready for work while I feed Isaac oatmeal and banana.  We say goodbye to Daddy.   

20May2013 471

7:20 am: Isaac points at the door and the clock as if to say “Mama, it’s time!” 

20May2013 477

We go outside to water the yard together.  He loves being outside and waits patiently as I water our garden.  He eats the two blueberries we grew, then we head out for a quick walk down the street.

20May2013 482

[You must water my favorite banana tree, Mama.  Now!]

20May2013 490


20May2013 487[Someone is not happy. Time for a walk.]

8:00 am: It’s time to feed our fishies.  Isaac dangles his tiny fingers in the water and giggles as the fish nibble on them, and then we count the fish over and over again [one-two-three-four-FIVE!].

20May2013 499

8:10 am: My turn to eat.  I scramble up a few egg whites with veggies and top it with salsa.  I sit on the floor in the living room and read books while I scarf down breakfast.  We must read through every single book we have (dozens) before Isaac starts to get sleepy.   

20May2013 501

8:45 am: Isaac signs for “milk”, so I change his diaper, give him a bottle, and then lay him down for a nap.   

9:00 am: I frantically rush around trying to get things done because I never know how long Isaac’s naps will be – sometimes he’ll only sleep for 20 minutes and once in a blue moon he’ll sleep for more than 40.  I put a load of laundry in, put away breakfast, check emails, and get things packed for our day.  After an hour, I hang the laundry, return texts and phone calls, and pay a few bills online.  At the hour and a half mark, I’m pacing the hallways expecting him to wake any moment, but he actually sleeps for two whole hours! 

20May2013 509

11:00 am: Isaac wakes up happy and playful!  We play, he sings me songs, and we read books. 

20May2013 518

11:45 am: We head to the park for a walk and to play with friends at the playground.  Since the nap went so well, our friends are on their way out as we get there, so we had the playground pretty much to ourselves today!  Isaac has a bottle as well as a snack [avocado, papaya and cherry tomatoes] while we’re out.


20May2013 506

1:45 pm: Home to take a nap [or attempt to, anyway].  After 20 minutes of rocking Isaac falls asleep, only to wake when I get him in his crib.  I’m exhausted by this point, so I shush him and then try to leave him to self-soothe for a little bit.  After half an hour of screaming at the top of his lungs, I come back in and rock him again, but he’s not having it.  I try to stay patient as he bites my arms and neck [why?!??], and finally after over an hour, he falls asleep again.

3:10 pm: I’m exhausted and not chancing the crib again, so I bring Isaac to bed with me and try to rest myself [no luck]. 

3:40 pm: Rise and shine, Mama, it’s time to play!  We play on Isaac’s piano and I watch the clock like a hawk. 

20May2013 519

4:00 pm: Daddy’s home!  Baby plays with Ben while I get on a coaching call with a friend of mine.

5:00 pm: We video chat with Ben’s family in Seattle.  We video chat often and we’re hoping that Isaac will be able to recognize them when they come to visit this summer.  I love technology!  

5:45 pm: My brother drops by with a new book for his nephew.  Isaac has Uncle Darren time as Ben gets dinner ready. 

6:15 pm: Dinner is served.  Nowadays, we’re able to blend up whatever we’re eating for the boy.  Tonight he has chicken, lentils, avocado and tomatoes. 

20May2013 523

6:30 pm: Bathtime for the babe.  He still loves the water and nowadays he’s big enough to not use a baby tub!  It’s crazy how fast he’s growing…

7:00 pm: Isaac gets into his jammies, has a bottle, reads a few books with Mama and Daddy, brushes his teeth, and then is rocked for a minute before going to bed.  He talks to himself for a while and then puts himself to sleep in a few minutes. 


20May2013 159

7:15 pm: Asleep a little earlier than usual tonight because he was tired. Smile


While there are aspects of parenthood that are more difficult than before (like the non-stop movement and getting into everything), I feel like life has gotten so much easier since those first few months when I was still in grad school and trying to pump non-stop.  I still have my ridiculously tired days, but it’s not because of Isaac so much anymore, but we’re able to do so much more than before, and every single day I see Isaac learn and do something brand new.  It’s truly amazing. 


I’m excited to see how our lives continue to shift as he gets even more independent and mobile! 


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