Eleven Months

The other day I saw a commercial for diapers where the woman narrator says in a loving tone: “You have a child forever, but a baby for only one year”. I’d be lying if I said a tear didn’t drop from my eye. 

Seriously, if you would have told me 8 months ago that the next year would go by so quickly, I would have smacked you, sobbed, and told you about just how difficult sleep deprivation, breast feeding, and non-stop guilt were. 

But here we are, eleven months in, and I can barely believe that we’ll be celebrating Isaac’s first birthday in a little over three weeks! 

Even through all the chaos, the learning, the (oh-so) bad times and the (oh-so) good, time truly does fly. 

1month20May2013 517

Back when Isaac was first born, he was so helpless.  He had no other way to let us know what he needed than to wail at the top of his lungs (which he did plenty of).  Nowadays, he’s got a whole slew of signs and babbles, and he makes it blaringly obvious when he wants or doesn’t want something.

Back then, Isaac slept most of the day and didn’t have any control over his body.  This past month, he took his first unassisted steps (two! – between the couch and Mama!), stands for more than a minute all by himself, and walks incredibly well holding onto just one of our hands.  Before we know it, he’ll have the art of walking mastered.

20May2013 059

He’s always been a character, but this little boy absolutely amazes me as he comes into himself more and more every day.  He loves to say hi to everyone, make people laugh, and even flirt to get food.  Ben and I joke that he’s going to be one crazy class-clown and are already preparing ourselves to receive phone calls from his teachers.  

20May2013 032

For me, one of the hardest things about being a new mama was that I went from living actively and spontaneously to having to suddenly revolve my life around someone else’s schedule and mood.  In the first few months, we rarely left the house because someone despised his car seat with a passion.  Nowadays, Isaac loves going for adventures and gets antsy if we don’t get out and about at least once a day (usually to the park).  He’s got much more of a schedule, too, which really helps me actually have a plan (although plans need to be flexible – something I have gotten much better at!).

Isaac has always been a pretty independent spirit – going to anyone and everyone, but recently he’s started being really clingy with me.  This phase is super endearing because I know that it (sadly) won’t last long.

20May2013 012

Most of all, the first few months were tumultuous for me as I literally tortured myself up for not being able to feed my son.  Nowadays, we may have some nap issues, but this little boy has NO problems with his food! (Something I thank the Universe for every. single. day.)

20May2013 089

Isaac is now eating just about everything we are – although most of it is either cut/torn up into pieces or blended – with the exception of honey and dairy (I’m nervous because he had such an adverse effect to dairy formula).  Most of the time, we just make dinner and then put some in the baby bullet for the little guy.  His favorite meal this past week was a soup made by Daddy that included black and lima beans, sweet potatoes, kale, chicken, and brown rice. 

He now has EIGHT teeth!  From what we hear, the molars should be coming next [eek!].  He amazes me by how strong and resilient he is every single day. 

And as for the post-partum depression on my part, I’m very glad to say that most of the time I feel back to my normal self.  I never have feelings of hurting myself anymore [and thankfully never had thoughts of hurting Isaac] and am overwhelmingly connected to my son, which was something that took some time for me at the beginning.  I do still have a sense of guilt and a lack of purpose that sets over me every once in a while, but I think that comes with the territory when you become a mom. 

20May2013 023

Other fun eleven-month factoids:

  • Signs: food, book, more, please, brown, purple, green, milk
  • Sounds: The biggest development = making three syllables [“Pah-Pah-Pah” for papaya and “Bah-Bah-Bah” for banana.]  “Wow!!”  “Bah!” [=book, bird, ball, brah].  “Wah!” [=walk, wall].    Isaac also makes sounds for sirens and snoring.
  • Moves: He’s now waving to everyone who passes and seems to wave side-to-side for “hello” and up-and-down for “bye bye”.  He raises his arms when anyone asks him “How big is the boy?” (thanks Auntie Robin!) and dances all the time. 
  • Bad habits: biting!  He will not stop biting me – which I know is because his mouth must be so sore, but still!
  • Food: like I said earlier, he has just about everything, and he likes just about everything too!  His favorites right now seem to be eggs, beans, blueberries, and whatever we’re eating Winking smile
  • Sleep: doing well at night (he usually sleeps from 7:45pm to about 5:30!), but daytime is still hit-or-miss, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, which makes it tough to get anything done.
  • Special events this month: mama’s graduation from her Masters program and our first Mother’s Day! 

20May2013 313

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