Square One

It really has been too long – two years, perhaps? – since I’ve blogged (how is it possible that much time has already flown by?!). But alas, I am back! And excited to have a space to document things and ramble again. 

I decided a few months back that I was ready to start back at my awesomely-named (it took me weeks to decide on it, mind you) blog Simple Yet Significant. I mentally prepared myself, told my hubby, and then went online to start it back up. Only to find that it is no longer available. 

For. Real. 

Apparently when you decide not to renew your website it goes off to auction. And someone decided to purchase my site before I could renew it.

So, I did what any strong, capable woman would do. I cried
And then I decided, well, if I can’t have SYS back, I’m gonna revive GPD. 

So here we are! It’s gonna take a while to get everything to where it needs to be (links are all jacked up right now), but I can’t wait any longer… I miss my online space, and I’m ready to have it back. Even if it isn’t quite what I envisioned. 

It really is mostly for me, anyway 😀


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