Being Your Mama

This morning, as I hurriedly tried to open the car door with six full bags dangling from my arms [my work bag, my lunch bag, Isaac’s preschool stuff, his lunch bag, etc.], my 3 and a half year old asked, “Why are you my Mama?”

I quickly removed the water bottle from my teeth before answering, “Because you came to me and grew in me. And I birthed you. And I take care of you.”


Isaac has been kicking ass at being a Testy Three. For the past six-ish months, everything we say seems to have one of two answers: “No!” or “Why?”

Before I had kids, I always envisioned myself being patient and answering my children’s questions with thought-out, loving answers; but more than once I’ve ended a round of “Why”s with, “Because I SAID so”.

IMG_2498 (1)

Parenting Isaac has by no means turned out to be as simple as I envisioned it would be.

From the beginning, he’s had a mind of his own and no problem letting anyone know how he feels. He’s passionate and honest and full of ideas that he just has to tell you about NOW!

And although three comes with some struggle, it is also the coolest age so far. Isaac tests his boundaries often, yet he still wants and needs us. Ben and I are still his most favorite people, and he just adores anything we do together.

My favorite thing about Isaac right now is that he is absolutely, unapologetically, himself. He is a fearless goofball who is so excited just to hang out with his uncles every week. He runs around the mall soaking wet, and sits on the huge fountain because he thinks it’s hilarious – all the while cracking up with those huge bright eyes and an wide-mouthed laugh.


He is interested in his own things nowadays – including Star Wars and volcanoes – and he comes up with unique and original ideas every day. We are constantly amazed by how bright he is.


Isaac is incredibly active and outdoorsy. He loves anything having to do with being outside, and he’s often finding ways to play rough with others. But amidst the rough and tumble, he is also so sweet and loving.

Three and a half years down the line, the path of motherhood continues to surprise me with all its bumps and blind spots. There are still days that end with, “Well, at least he’s still alive.” I continue to learn more every day about what it means to live this life with integrity and love, thanks to him. And I am eternally grateful that it was his spirit who chose to make me a Mama.


Goes By: La’akea

Favorite Toy: Lego StarWars, magnatiles, duplos

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Part of the Day: ‘Midnight’ [evening] walk and helping in the kitchen

Current “Jam”: Uptown Funk

Favorite Foods: loquats, blueberries, ‘fire’ applesauce [pretty much any fruit that is put in front of him], eggs

Favorite Activities: Frisbee, playground, going to the ocean center

What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up: Volcanologist or diver

Favorite People: Family! Especially his grandma and uncles

Working On: Writing his name [he’s got the ‘L’ down and can sometimes write his ‘a’s]


2 thoughts on “Being Your Mama

  1. Judee Wright says:

    Love this! Your spirits were drawn together and your lives bring light to others. Being a mother is full of beauty, growth and so much love. Truly a wonderful part of life that can be cherished forever!

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