While We Were Away

We made it through our first family trip!  I love vacation, but even moreso I love how much more I appreciate home after being away. 

It was wonderful to see ‘ohana and catch up with old friends, but two weeks away from home is a long time.  In two weeks, a lot has changed!

I’m coming back home with a ‘do about 12 inches shorter than when I left two weeks ago:

22Dec2012 11226Dec2012 165

It was way over due.  With Isaac, I’ve had my hair in a bun almost exclusively for months.  I wanted something that would frame my face well yet be low maintenance.  I’m not attached to my hair anymore, but I knew that I wanted to donate it again to individuals who might want it (this is the third time I’ve donated), so I went to a local salon and said “I want to donate at least 10 inches.  Other than that, get creative.”  She did a great job, and I’m loving having it short again.  It takes less time and energy on my part, and that means a lot to me right now. 

As fast as time flies for us adults, I think it goes about 4x faster for babies.  In just two weeks, Isaac learned to sit completely unassisted

22Dec2012 030

and cut his first two teeth (on the same day)!


[This was taken a few days ago when they first came out – it’s amazing how much more they’ve come up since then!]

Unfortunately, Isaac also got accustomed to the timezone while we were away.  Luckily it’s only a two-hour difference, but the flight coming home was pretty rough and he didn’t sleep much on it, so I think we’re all feeling a bit out of sorts right now.  Hoping to get this little guy back on his schedule soon! 

31Dec2012 041

Time for our afternoon nap!  (I hope.) Smile

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6 thoughts on “While We Were Away

  1. Lauren Erickson says:

    Haley I love your hair!! That last pic of Isaac literally made me cry! We loved seeing you and are so glad you’re home safe. Mostly I’m glad there’s a reason to drag you back in 7 months!! Can’t wait to see Isaac at 1 year old!! Good luck with those teeth. 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I love pictures of sleeping babies…they look so peaceful. He looks so precious in that last picture. Looking forward to a future post on how to sooth teething babies 🙂 See you soon!

  3. Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny says:

    Love your new haircut, and that you did something great with the excess.
    So exciting that your wee man is now sitting. Hopefully he’s not too sad with his teeth shifting about. There’s a pretty horrific sleep-regression at around 6mths, so that might be compounding your time zone issues. Good luck!

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